, Mother of pearl

Mother of pearl

United Kingdom

Size: 157.5 H x 157.5 W x 196.9 in

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Art Description


There is alot of conflicting information regarding how to bring up children. Less weight is given to motherly instinctswhen reading information books, the language can be very extreme and it can inspire great fear. In the early times with
a baby it can feel very life and death, there is this powerful feeling of nurturing, intimacy and protection, paralleled with great threat, ie cot death and the dangers of the 'family bed'. It is a very intense time, Mother of Pearl is an illustration of this, I even bought the mattress, because of this overwhelming urge to make it sterile for this brand new baby. The whiteness of everything highlights this and the saftey net and glass stalagmites give the sense of these invisible but very present forces.

Keywords: suspended, embroidery, figurative, glass

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