, Transformations part1

Transformations part1


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Art Description


Transformations part1, rolls of paper, sized 10/1,5m. (grooved by hand/punctured with a pin) The works refer to a simple rule that says that a tiny interference repeated many times, leads to a thorough transformation reshaping it into a complicated set of structures. Focusing on the limitation of the means of expression. I had an impression that i would achieve a crude, monotonous truth without any trimmings and the tod of a pin/knife let me present clear and simple interference. I wanted simplicity which wouldn`t though lack intensity. It was about transforming the inner structure in a way that integrated with the matter. It seemed to me that the maximum consequence of my radical approach would let me underline the paradox of the situation, in which an individual gesture can change the whole matter of fact. Such a monotonous process has extracted from the objects a new dimension of a very fragile and liable to destruct existence. From their primary role of the object`s resistance orientation, they gained a contrary function, where every careless movement may cause their inevitable dissolution and destruction.

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