, Female Tourist SOLD

Female Tourist SOLD


Size: 39.4 H x 27.6 W x 0.4 in

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Art Description

Drawing: Pencil on Paper.

During the 1970's and '80s Greece was one of the most popular destinations for scandinavian tourists. However, due to a low level tourism that was largely attracted from the country's cheap promotional message (Greece is bouzouki, syrtaki, souvlaki & tzatziki) in combination to a cheap improvisation on everything, on the side of the hosts, and the lack of appropriate infrastructure, the outcome was a negative one on the long run.

We should not forget the great ecological devastation that took place in the name of tourism like the damage of beautiful beaches, deforestation of large surfaces for building land and filling of archeological sites with debris.

The FemaleTourist is also deliberately staged in a certain way, in order to resemble a tourist photograph. The initial bitter mood is covered with sarcastic humor that satirizes the negative sum of greek tourism.

Keywords: Smyrnios, Greek tourism, sunburn, tourism, humor

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