, Private space/Privātais kosmoss

Private space/Privātais kosmoss

Size: 47.2 H x 70.9 W x 0 in

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Art Description

Drawing: Charcoal

Size: 47.2 H x 70.9 W x 0 in

These artworks are about men, about those of them that catch the eye without any reference to their physical appeal. It is hard to take eyes from them because of their special charm. Something that is beyond understanding, that is not obvious, but attracts and draws in. To watch them is like viewing stars, admiring them without any attempt to understand the deep-rooted composition principles of this universe. They are of a rare specie that has undergone their youth loudly and problematically. Later when they have put up with themselves and their past, they gained their iconic flare.

Such is David Bowie, whose image has been used to create the feeling of noble interest. The artworks have been created in the form of a dialogue with the leading character, who is telling his story without disguising and at the same time not unnecessarily sincere in the essence. This is the universe of an exceptional personality, the asteriated private space, which can only be observed, but not realized.

The figures are shown life-sized, as in reality David Bowie is 1,78 m tall. To create the sparkling image of constellations specific substances, like glass powder, lithographic sand and silver powder, were used. All these means and a lot of tiny nuances are used to create the holistic character, which emits inner „nerve” and quietness simultaneously, an ordinary man, covered with stardust.

Keywords: stardust, 2010, david bowie, ziggy, Veronika

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