, California Road Chronicles #16

California Road Chronicles #16

United States

Size: 48 H x 60 W x 2 in


This artwork is sold ($7,500)

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Art Description

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

For the first time images from "California Road Chronicles" by Relja Penezic are available as prints. Relja Penezic created a series of paintings during 1990s entitled "California Road Chronicles." Those pieces were exhibited by Contemporary Realists Gallery of San Francisco (later Hackett Freedman Gallery), Koplin Gallery of Los Angeles, Winfield Gallery of Carmel and Learsi Gallery of Palm Desert. All of the paintings were sold out during that decade. "Chronicles" were reviewed in a number of contemporary art publications and included in the book by Arnold Skolnick, "Paintings of California" originally published in 1993 by Random House, New York, which included "sixty of America's finest artists, all of whom were drawn to the beauty of California's kaleidoscopic geography and the diversity of her people." "Chronicles" are Penezic's meditation on escapism, beauty and alienation, they mostly depict vast luminous spaces populated with alienated commuters whose lonely cars are glistening in the sun. Best images from the series, selected by the artist along with other samplings from his work, are now available at Saatchi Online as affordable canvas prints in variety of sizes.

Keywords: alienation, emptyness, highway, light, luminosity, ocean

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