, Strangeness Guides My Inner Thought

Strangeness Guides My Inner Thought

Size: 40 H x 30 W x 1.5 in

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Art Description

Painting: Mixed Media on Canvas.

Standing in a crowd
What do you hear?

Conversations about beauty, seem to be taking place
A topless woman postures like a swan
Romantic shapes can be so moving

Singing an opera,
In a language that sounds like French
She is visually stunning
Strangeness guides my inner thought
Follow the road,
To a dreamy and silent sadness

Surrounded by images
Dark and monumental
Erotic fantasies consume the mind
A beautiful nightmare that never ends
Consider the numerous connections
Very expensive things are disposable
Large trees sway with beauty
Crying buckets of water gets people really soaked

Creative writing
Words of love
Make a drawing of an eye, without blinking

Thinking deliberately about a phenomenon
Memories you remember and never forget
This storyteller works in uncommon ways
Find a good beginning
Never assume you have reached the end.

Keywords: poetry, primitive, snake, black and white , newspaper collage

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