, Understanding Everything [Beyond]

Understanding Everything [Beyond]

Size: 30 H x 40 W x 1 in

This artwork is not for sale.

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Art Description

Painting: Oil

Size: 30 H x 40 W x 1 in

-Sale status- N/A

-Medium- Oil on canvas

-Dimensions- 36 x 24 in. [1 in.]

-Weight- 3 lbs

-Year painted-2012

-Artist-Ryan Demaree

-Description- This image is a compilation of 3 of my paintings

-Understanding time"
-Species Differentiation [Darwinian broadcast]
-Truth beyond

Each painting fits within the others perfectly.

In each one of these paintings I have added a transparent gray shape with black lines/ shapes within that shape [a trademark in my growing Abstract-Surrealism style] and this image takes other paintings of mine and "fills" those transparent gray shapes with other images that fit the shape.

--- "Understanding time" - This painting represents the initial idea of time and space being abstract and complex in how they work in the sense that they work hand and hand with each other, but are constantly changing. Time changes space and Space changes with Time. You can see this due to the fact that there is an iceberg floating in a lake of lava, the sun and the andromeda galaxy are billions of yrs ahead of where they are at their current stage [2012]

There are 3 distinct species within this picture, that while related, never existed together in the same time frame.

1st- Cephalaspidomorphi- The primitive "fish" down and to the right there. This is one of our earliest ancestors among which limbs like we see animals have today started to spring through primitive "fins". This would be 470,000,000 BCE

2nd- Australopithecus- The ape on the right there. This is one of our earliest ape like ancestors that actually showed some human like qualities. Walking upright was the importance of this one. This would be 4,000,000 BCE

3rd- Homo Sapiens- I use an astronaut in a suit behind the moon to convey sapiens because sapiens are known for technology, creativity and innovation. This would be 200,000 BCE - Present day.

"Understanding time" is the basics of understanding how space and time work and that change is inevitable.

---"Species Differentiation [Darwinian broadcast]"- This painting is the second layer. This peice is what I filled the transparent monolith with.

This painting was done to convey that man [homo sapiens] are the only species to go beyond simple survival and simply doing what your "instincts" and "survival needs" conjur you to do.

For example

[as seen in the picture] A Zebra, bird or lizard etc. is bound to live a life of simple eating, defending itself, roaming and reproduction. No other species that we know of has been capable of self reflection and the ability to manipulate the environment to the degree that humans can. Animals can build small shelters at best, but no other species can build something that is capable of carrying them out into space.

I use the 3 Australopithecus [our past ancestors that led to our species] lifting up the ocean/gound/ sky and peering into space to convey this.

The cameras and microphone place emphasis on the idea that whether or not everything happens for a reason, everything seems to work in a calculated and measurable manner.

---"Truth Beyond" - This painting is the third layer. This peice is what I filled the transparent black square in "Species Differentiation [Darwinian broadcast]" with.

This painting/ layer is what brings this project full circle.

I did this painting mainly as a final peice for this project. It is meant to sum up the entirety of this as a whole.

Here are some symbols/ examples of this

I use bookshelves [3 of them] and place them in an ocean, a murky,endless ocean. The bookshelves extend to the bottom of the ocean. Books have always been a symbol of knowledge and information and the ocean is a symbol of something being endless. An endless, broad landscape. To me combining books [bookshelves] with a murky ocean is a sign of infinite information and the bookshelves extending to the bottom of the ocean represents a hidden aspect of that knowledge. The only knowledge we have of the universe is what is seen above water, the rest is still hidden.

The core object in the middle is a sun/star/orb shooting rays/ energy out and is a symbol of an oracle, something that knows and eunderstands why everything is the way that it is.

Finally, off in the distance you see a man with a telescope [distorted] staring off into the transparent black square shape in which I include in this peice.

In this transparent shape I have added a doorway with upside down stairs as well as a circle representing a sun.

It all goes back to "The Truman show" and my fascination with the idea that there is a "bubble" around what we know as "reality" and that there is a doorway somewhere that can take us somewhere else.

---In conclusion.--- This project sums up that Time and Space are subject to constant change, Our species is unique on this planet in the sense that it can self reflect and innovate and that the universe seems to be calculative and methodical and that we know and understand some things, but some things still remain hidden and some things will always remain hidden. Whether or not this universe was designed or has purpose or not, it certainly can be understood and calculated.

http://fav.me/d4sodgh - "Truth Beyond"

http://fav.me/d4pn0yj - "Species Differentiation -Darwinian broadcast-"

http://fav.me/d4o5k6r - "Understanding Time"

I have also created a video based highly around this experiment basically summing up what this style that I work in, Abstract-Surrealism is.

- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0VmW_tUby8

Keywords: space, species, surreal, time, understanding, universe, ryan, demaree, everything, abstract, art, good

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