, ”With a scroll”

”With a scroll”


Size: 38.6 H x 30.3 W x 1.2 in

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Art Description

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

After the death of R.B.Kitaj I decided to do some kind of Hommage work to the master.
As I have been working on remakes recently and have been doing my researches I became familiar with the ouvre of Isidor Kauffman, who was by origin a Hungarian Jew from Transylvania who moved to Vienna in order to train himself for a vocation.
In his life he spent quite a lot of time with depicting the lives of Hassids in Poland and Hungary.
What I find important in him apart from his origin, which shows many similarities with that .of Kitaj was his professional knowledge/expertise of painting which gives me more possibilities to do the remakes and also gives more room for the „bizarre” element. (as seen in Kitaj’s works).

Keywords: scroll, synagogue, wise, male, old

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