, General Huy No1

General Huy No1

Size: 8.7 H x 11.3 W in

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Photography: Digital

Size: 8.7 H x 11.3 W in

Image 1 : Book titled “Valley Vets II – an oral history” by author William L.Adam (USA) kept which were awarded in war .This battledress he prepared for Great Memory Festival a chapter to write about General Huy.
Mr. Nguyen Duc Huy was born in 1931, former Major-General, power of Commander of Military Zone 2, Vietnam. Year of 1948 he joined the Army at the age of 17, changed many loctions where he was garrisioned troops. He has fought at division 320, division 304 in resistance war again French Colonialists, American resistance war, then become Division Commander of division 325 to fight for liberty Laos South afterwards.
General Huy is always optimistic, always laugh. Although in the reality he has a rendezvous with death many times. I came his house many times, took him many photographs at many different states and the end he pored wine to invite me.
He told me many fierce battles…. Memory of the old man 80 years old is still exellent. Battles at Quang Tri in 1972, Thua Thien-Heu 1975…. At the battlefield of South Vietnam was the time he upheld the best for his commanding troops. Battle of wiping out battalion 6 warlike marines of Sai Gon Army at the North of Thach Han river- Quang Tri, he was awarded telegram by Top- Ranking General Vo Nguyen Giap.
May see his feat of arms through tens of medal, types of medals pinned to the breast of his coat on great festival day. For him, each medal a feat of arms, but he is also pity when he remembers again many sacrificed comrades. He recognized himself that he was lucky by such a fierce war.
When he was asked:” Are you afraid death?”. General Huy answered without pondering:“ No. Go out to battle so violent, think about death is impossible to fight at all. Many times I esaped death by an inch”.
General Huy emphasizes to comradeship. He tells:”We have a strong attchement to each other as blood and meat. Share together each piece of rice, break in half cigarette to smoke for each other, and not yet anywhere I witness image of soldier who plunged out to push his leader into vault, defended bullet for protecting his leader, ready to sacrifice his life. Comradeship in war is the loftiest”.
In a battle at Quang Tri, although haven’t yet upper rank’s order, he decided to withdraw his troops to keep strength intact for entire battalion.
Year 1967, he buried one his comrade- Captain Nguyen Danh Ngoc, chief of staff 9B regiment sacrificed at Laos land, west of Sepol river. 30 years later, he took his time to come Laos to look for remains of his comrade in the old days to take back Vietnam. He tolk: “That’s responsibility of the living person for the sacrificed one.
In the book titled “Valleys Vests II- an oral history” by author William L. Adam (American), in interview of General Huy, the author kept word “Sophisticated” said about him. William L. Adam askd General Huy:”What did you do for American soldiers been died?” And General Huy answered:” Normally American planes rummaged battlefield area and pushed us to go far until helicopters come and collect corpses themselves. We buried American soldiers whenever finding them. We knew how to bury anythings related to soldiers and bury them at the easiest discovered places”.
General Huy said he would like to close the past so that possible to look for the future, especially US government consider they can contribute for dioxin victims of Vietnam.
For retirement, General Huy likes to keep his time for family,friends, visits many places, likes to play sports (badminton,swimming…). He has 4 sons in which 3 sons were in Army.He is living in Ha Noi.
No desire to scramble with normal life, but General Huy has still considered to news, present situation and especially he always reminds Top-Ranking General Vo Nguyen Giap as the most respectful teacher of talent, righteousness, and pure life.
Series of General Huy is one part of project “General at time of peace”, which have carried out for many years.
6 generals in part 1 of project is Top-Ranking General Vo Nguyen Giap , former Commander-in-chief of Vietnamese People’s Army . Lieutenant General Nguyen Duc Soat, former Vice-Commander-in chief of Vietnamese People’s Army . Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Tinh , former Member of Central Party Term IX , Vice Admiral . Lieutenant General Pham Xuan The , former Commander of Military Zone I . Lieutenant General Nguyen An , former Division Commander of division 304 . Major-General Nguyen Duc Huy , former Commander of Military Zone 2.
65 photos – the part 1 of project “General at time of peace” were exhibited from date 25 November until 30 November,2009 at Ha Noi attracted the big attention of public opinion. Project will be extended with more generals at more different arms on three regions of South-Center-North of Vietnam.

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