Size: 24 H x 33 W x 36 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Found Objects

Size: 24 H x 33 W x 36 in


Hirst's dead shark is worth 12 million dollars, therefore it's not a dead shark but a dead gold-fish. Duchamp's iconic work "Fountain" is a urinal and he signed it using the alias R. Mutt. R. Emora is also an alias; a remora is a fish and it's nicknamed sharksucker. Warhol is known for repeating silkscreened images. One series used a dollar sign. He stated: "Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art." Jeff Koons is known for his sculptures that are based on kitschy collectibles and made by other people. Often they're made from porcelain. Takashi Murakami's work focuses on japanese pop culture. Koi fish are a part of japanese pop culture. The golden koi fish seen here is a porcelain collectible purchased on eBay. Goldfish are part of the carp family and koi means carp in Japanese.

©ARP — In Conclusion:
Hirst's, Koons, & Murakami's work is expensive, conceptual, branded crap based on the artistic legacies of Duchamp and Warhol.

Keywords: Duchamp, warhol, hirst, Murakami, koons

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