, Captured by boxes

Captured by boxes

United States

Size: 170 H x 50 W x 45 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Paper mache

I primarily work in theme around Modern Futurism. Bring together elements of science fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, and magic realism.

The captured series is completely made from recyclable materials transformed into abstract sculptures that resemble patterns found in nature. My new work has been a great deal of focus on human beings connection to living and nonliving things in our universe. The use of technologies has had its benefits to the modern world and also its disadvantages to way we communicate and interact with living beings. I choose to use materials from out dated technologies such as vinyl records, VHS tapes and film, which would take hundreds of years for the plastic to decompose. Time and memory are mutable and uncertain and we can only count on the Inherent ability of all living things to adapt and transform to Survive.

Keywords: sublime, technology, unconscious, Magic Realism, futurism, modern

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