Perfect Girl

United States

Size: 18.5 H x 15.5 W x 18 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Bronze on Bronze and Glass.

There is only so far the blown glass vessel can be pushed, particularly given the co-efficient of expansion variance between cast bronze and glass. Scale (in theory) is limited only by available annealing oven space, but intricacy of form is another beast altogether. While Illuminated Helix pushes the envelope on scale, Perfect Girl is my first foray into pushing the intricacy of form. She is one of my first full-figure studies in bronze and glass, a direction I am now further pursuing with separately blown components (head, limbs, torso), which are then cold-fitted together. As for the title: getting her “perfect” went on for over 5 years and ours very much became one of those proverbial “love/hate” relationships.
~ cast bronze/blown glass ~ 18.5x15.5x18" ~ 2000-7.

Keywords: woman, female, figure, glass, nude

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