SMart Saatchiart

SMart Saatchiart

France, Netherlands

About SMart Saatchiart

SMart is a collaboration of two artists (Sander Steins, based in the Netherlands and Marijah Bac Cam, based in France) who are using the same language to express themselves in a creative and personal way.
Coming from two different backgrounds of life, they found each other through the internet. It was clear that their visions and creative language fit very well together. They are balance and contrast.


- Sander Steins (Born in the Netherlands, 1973 – Lives and works in Nijmegen the Netherlands) Languages: Dutch, English, German
- Marijah Bac Cam (Born in Laos, 1974 – Lives and works in Uzès, France) Languages: French, English


Awards/ Recognitions:

- 2014 Prix at Salon Réalités des Nouvelles (France)
- 2014 Kunstpreis der Stadt Fürstenwalde (Germany) / 1st art prize of the city Fürstenwalde (Germany)

Press / Publications / blogs:

- 2014 Art Et Métiers Du Livre, nr.305 (France), Biennale SUDestampe dans le Gard et l’Hérault, p. 03
- 2014, “21358SMart Des lectures miniatures du monde” by art critic Christian Gattinoni, 10/11 (France)
- 2014 Les cahiers de RN, 14/10 (France)
- 2014 Artension (France), Hors Série n14 “Abstraction”, p.76
- 2014 Märkische Algemeine 25/09 (Germany)
- 2014 Märkische Online Zeitung 14/09 (Germany)
- 2014 Blickpunkt Brandenburg 12/09 (Germany)
- 2014 Art Move, Issue 3, p. 09 (USA)
- 2014 ARTiculAction, January issue, p. 40-49 (Italy)
- 2013 Mutantspace, (Ireland)


Works held in private collections in varied countries around the world.


Group Exhibitions:

- 2015 “Art Connection 15”, Aswara Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
- 2014 “1 ère édition de la Triennale Internationnale Prix Constraste”, Fribourg (Switzerland)
- 2014 “4e biennale SUDestampe”, Nîmes (France)
- 2014 “RN Structure”, Guoyi Art Museum, National Gallery of Fine Arts, Beijing (China)
- 2014 “Salon des Réalités Nouvelles”, Paris (France)
- 2014 “8. Ausstellung Miniatur in der bildenden Kunst”, Fürstenwalde (Germany)
- 2014 “From Dolce Vita To The Great Beauty”, Rome (Italy)
- 2014 “Art Crasher”, Venice Arts Gallery, Los Angeles (USA)
- 2014 “48 Stunden Nuekölln”, Berlin (Germany)
- 2014 “Borders”, Central Station, Strasbourg (France)
- 2014 “SU/Water”, KargART, Istanbul (Turkey)
- 2013 “Myths and Legends of Eastern Europe, part 2”, curated by Iryna berezhko, Galerie LWW, Amsterdam (Netherlands)