Atosha DAGmar Monica Wolf-Heger

Atosha DAGmar Monica Wolf-Heger

Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

About Atosha DAGmar Monica Wolf-Heger

Born (18.8.), lives and works in Heidelberg, Germany. Three sons, 26 - ivory sculptor, 24- wood sculptor, and 16 - he dances ballett since he is 4 years.
Educated (selection) in pittura al fresco at Pandora Accademia, Sorano (Italy); Painting at Free Arts Academy Rhein-Ruhr, Essen (Germany);
Manila-Hemp-Light-Objects at Academy Topoplcianky near Bratislava, Slowaky; studies in Japanology and History of art (University of Heidelberg)
I am lauching a webside - coming soon - work in progress - will be present asap


Exhibitions (groups - selection)

1983 „retrospektive“, LK Art work, GTO Osterburken
1989 „UNI ART“, Museum of University Heidelberg
1990 „Results - Time Warp“, Institut Français,
Vienna, Austria
Manila hemp light objects
2001 „ADOGI – 21. – 23. Mini Print Art“, Taller
-03 Galeria Fort, Cadaqués, Espagne; Aquatinta
“Wiengfield Arts & Music Festival”,
Wiengfield, Great Britain;
“L´Etang d´Art”, Bages, France, Aquatinta
2001 “Angel”, Mittelmühle e.V. Buchen, Aquatinta,
Acrylic paintings
2002 “Tour 2002”, Free Academy of Arts, Rhein/
Ruhr, Essen
Oil paintings, mixed technics
„Human – nature“, 9. Art Exhibition in the
National Park Harz, St. Andreasberg,
Hemp light objects (catalogue)
„The mountain – 7&7&7 mountains –
7 mountain- TIME- signs“
In cooperation with the department for culture
of the city of Heidelberg;
Paintings, Aquatinta and expiates
2003 „Long Night of Museums“– „Schokofabric-
Dynasty-Memorandum“; photography, expiates
“Science meets Art”, Technology- Park
„Human mankind“, symposium for sculptor,
Mittelmühle e.V. Buchen
2007 „Light bodies“, 2. OW-ART, City Hall, Buchen
Manila hemp Light Objects
“Days of Respect”, Frankfurt-Bornheim
2009 „Fragile Light – eco-nymph“, 3. OW-ART,
New City Hall, Buchen; installation with
Manila hemp light objects, expiate
„Arte Sustenibile“, Re- ART Illienworth,
Cuxhaven under the auspices of German
Manila hemp Light Objects, birch- nymph
“Artists for freedom”, Manila hemp light object,
triptychon "Holy family"
2010 „LIGHTNING“, Palais Wieser, Heidelberg
Touring exhibition under the auspices of
World Decade of UN;
Villa Menzer, Neckargemünd, Germany
Städtisches KunstMuseum Gelsenkirchen,
art collection
SAP Walldorf, patronage: German UNESCO
2013 „CAR – Contemporary Art Ruhr“, Essen, Zeche
Zollverein, UNESCO- world culture heritage
„Art- Spanner“, 2nd edition, special price of the
jury for “originality and media application”

Exhibitions solo (selection)

1998 „sonorous pictures- pictorial sounds”,
Gallery Melnikow, Heidelberg;
performance, collages, acrylics,
2000 „touching points“, H&G Bank Heidelberg
acryl paintings, Aquatinta, collages, expiates
2001 „signs of life and metamorphosis“,
City Hall Wilhelmsfeld
Pittura al fresco, sculptures, acrylic
2002 “Retro I”, Gallery Wolf-Heger, HD
Manila Hemp-Light-Objects,
photography, Aquatinta, oil painting
2003 “connecting factors”, Gallery Wolf-Heger,
Heidelberg, Manila
2004 „feeling abstract happens to me“, print media
lounge, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen,
Photography, Aquatinta
„Meaning creates The ONE”,
Gallery by the castle Dr. Rüdt
Manila Hemp-Light-Objects, collages, acryl
2006 „Essener Light“, Providenz- Church HD
Manila Hemp-Light-Objects, acrylic, expiates
„BauART“, 1. OW-ART, Tower of the city
Buchen, Egon- Eiermann- Saloon;
photography, film, iron sculpture
2007 “pigmented”, Gallery at the theatre
pigments pure, tempera- & acryl, collage
2008 “Wedding of the butterflies...” Atelier Atosha, HD
Photography, Hemp Light Objects, calligraphy
2009 “spring comes...and the grass grows by itself.”
City hall of Heidelberg;
Manila hemp light objects, paintings
„New Residence“, Palais Wieser HD;
Photography, hemp Light Objects, expiates
“Deep peace”, Christmas crib -installation,
Providenz- Church Heidelberg,
Hemp light objects; coop with Karl Heinz
Proske, wooden sculptures