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born at the 27th of July 1971 in Mannheim/GermanyIt is my goal, to direct man`s attention on his relation to nature.1.motives: all pictures deal with the theme of unity, more exactly the original unity of human being, animal and nature. Animals are painted as optical delusions to show their adaptability in nature. However men appears all the time at a second level of the picture, which is loosen from the nature level.2.technique: two creative ideas are characteristicly for the pictures. On the one side some motives are figured plastically on the painted canvas. Dust Materials like cardboard, textile, cork, wire, gypsum or sand are used for these figured compositions. On the other side some motives especially human beings - are cut out of the painted canvas appearing on the pictuer level below the canvas. These creative ideas are used seperately or in combination. 3.preferred materials: oil on canvas/cotton and hardbord, mixed technique on canvas/cotton and hardbord,4.message: 2 levels- levels of life: the different pictuers levels can be comprehended as a allegory for different levels of life. The canvas level is a symbol for nature, which is the origin of human being still today. However the second level shows the process of estrangement of civilized man in relation to nature. Civilisation estranges man from nature. (Maybe viewer will come to a new conclusion about his relation to nature and wishes to be part of it, to be part of entirety. At least you should wonder: on which level do i wish to live, how can i become part of entierty, what is below the visible reality, which value does nature have for man, can I accept responsibility for nature?)


-study at the new accademy of Arts Zrich; comprehensive studies of painting and drawing-improvement: a)instruction by the painter Ludwig Fellner in oil and water color paintingb)instruction by Sven Bngener, European accademy of Arts, Trier-past exhibitions


1)since 2004 Artothek Landstuhl, email:artothek@landstuhl.de2)permanent exhibition since 2007 Culture Club Neustadt/Weinstr., Saalbau Neustadt/Weinstr.3)2005 town hall Landstuhl Year of Albert Einstein 20054)2006 GDA Wohnstift Neustadt/Weinstr.5)2006 Parkfest Villa Bhm, Neustadt/Weinstr.6)2006 50 years Culture Club Neustadt/Weinstr.7)2007 Court of Appeal Zweibrcken, Herzogschloss Zweibrcken , 8)2008 4. Mai "Liparische Lackladies, 9)2008 Eberhard Gaier, M.D., Neustadt/Weinstr., 10)2008 Parkfest Villa Böhm, Neustadt/Weinstr. 11)2008 District Court, Kaiserslautern 12)2009 Exhibition Villa Böhm, Neustadt/Weinstr., Installation: Let`s make money! 13)2009 Struktur und Genehmigungsdirektion Süd, Neustadt/Weinst., "Italienreisen" 14) 2009 Universitätsklinik Heidelberg, "Italienreisen" 15)2010 Weinstraßen - Atelier, Ludwig Fellner, Königsbach
16) 2010 Hair Dressing Saloon "Susanne", Edenkoben
17) 2010 Hair Dressing Saloon "Schultz", Landau
18) 2011 AlPlanta "Science meets art", Mussbach
19) 2011 Steubenhofhotel "Mediterranean Mood", Mannheim
20) 2015 July "Charity Stifts Church" Neustadt/Wstr. chair design for a charity to buy a new church organ "original paradise tree"
21) 2015 November members´ exhibition, Villa Boehm, Neustadt/Wstr. Kunstverein
22) 2015-2016 Artothek Landstuhl
Theme: Pantalica (National Park Southeast Sicily) Death Town (nekropole) Pantalica, Original Rocks an Graves from the glen Calcimara and the Annnapo River in the limestone rocks Monti Iblai, world culture heritage

23) Since 2017 Artothek Landstuhl
"original goat, Rosaria", Lipaic Island