Andrei Rabodzeenko

Andrei Rabodzeenko

Chicago, IL, United States

About Andrei Rabodzeenko

By nature, I am a philosophical idealist. Questions of eternal human values preoccupy my thoughts. My art is a materialization of these questions and thoughts.

My paintings are an act of love. I express my hope for a spiritually awakened humanity, for a humanity that doesn't give in to the pressures of technological domination. I address my paintings to those who seek answers in their quest for spiritual development. My goal, my mission is to evoke human qualities in people. I ask my viewers to look inside themselves and see what it is to be human.

Since my early years I have been fascinated by Renaissance art. It was born out of reaction to the Dark Ages while inheriting its spiritual charge, and it rediscovered the humanism of Antiquity. It broke free of Medieval rigidity, yet did not fall into the naturalism of the following eras. This unique balance of qualities makes it an ideal instrument, like a cello or a symphony orchestra, with creative potential far beyond any one artist's abilities, and any time period.

I was trained in a Russian academic art school, which has roots in the traditions of classical antiquity, the Renaissance, as well as Russian iconography. After I moved to the US, I started exploring other, more contemporary art forms, like video installation, primitive expressionism, and automatic drawing. These experiments widened my scope of expressive abilities. At the same time, years of exploration in new media let me see the extraordinary value of the classical tradition. I realized that it holds vast expressive potential for a contemporary artist and philosophical idealist like me.


1985 Mukhina School of Design, Leningrad, USSR, Interior Design, Architecture of Small Structures.1980 Art Academy, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, USSR, Painting.,