Angelique Lafreniere

Angelique Lafreniere

Aylmer, ON, Canada

About Angelique Lafreniere

Canadian Artist in Ontario,

What I do: Visual Artist, Digital Installation, Art Theory, Integrated Art, and Literature.

Angelique's paintings are an expressive interpretation of landscapes experienced directly from life. These new images that she has been conceptualizing and deeply exploring are the visual phenomenon of human/environmental interaction. These paintings express the artist's experience of witnessing this interaction that has taken place within a land of abstraction. Inner and outer landscapes are represented in her works. Paintings are like artifacts of this interaction between the artist and her inner and outer environment. There is a witnessing of the environmental experience of human interaction recorded in the layers of her paintings.

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OCAD - 2007
Interior Design - 2000
Central Tech Arts - 1995
Angelique is an Ontario based artist. She obtained her BFA from OCAD in 2007. That same year Angelique with six other young Canadian artists took part in an artist-run centre called "The collective 7" in Kensington Market.

Angelique has worked on several sears: Transparent Childhood Memories, Carnival, Myths and Legends and currently is working on Canadian Landscape ...

In 2011 Angelique and her husband moved to Woodstock, Ont. where she works from her studio and is raising her family. And in 2015 they moved to Aylmer, Ont. At the moment she is enveloped in a new series of works that involve human/environment interaction. Extreme abstraction is the major motivation in her work. Playing with color and shapes she pushes her work to the limits of abstraction. Her current influence is Emily Carr, Tom Thomson. and Lawren Harris among others. Angelique works speak to anyone that is concerned with the destruction of land and change in weather patterns.


Current Events for 2018
Clio Art Fair March 8 to 11/2018, New York, USA

February 1 to 28/2018, Fring Gallery London Ont. Solo Show

July 1 to August 30/2018, Woodstock Art Gallery Solo Show


2017 Arta Gallery, 14 Distillery Lane, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4

2017 Fringe art Gallery London Ont.

2012 Woodstock Art Gallery, Visual Elements: 54th Annual Juried Exhibition
2012 London Gallery, Art Rental and Sales
2010 London Gallery, Art Rental and Sales, 421 Ridout St. London, On. Canada
2009 RED HEAD GALLERY, Insomnia 2009 & Nuit Blanch,401 Richmond St., TO
2008 The Extempore Gallery, Celebration of Creation, 60 Kensington Ave. #11, TO
2007 Participation in Scotiabank, Nuit Blanche, Toronto, 55 Clinton St. Toronto, ON.
2007 Mark Christopher Gallery, Exploring Concepts of Reality, 55 Clinton St. Toronto,
2007 Mustache Show, Sublime Cafe, Toronto, Montreal, Brooklyn NY. By Ryan Ringer
2007 Collective 7, Button Show, 7 Kensington Ave. Toronto, ON.
2007 Collective 7, Destiny Show, Alternative Art, 7 Kensington Ave. Toronto, ON.
2007 Collective 7, Artist Group Alternative Art, Painting & Illustration, 7 Kensington TO
2007 Year end Student exhibition, OCAD, 100 McCaul St. Toronto, ON.
2006 Homeless Fundraiser Art Show, Privet Auction, Bean Coffee shop, Toronto, ON.
2004 Second Year Student exhibition, OCAD, 100 McCaul St. Toronto, ON
1996 Institute Si. Artist Collective Art Exhibition, Young and Bloor, Toronto, ON.
1995 Institute Si, Artist Collective Art Exhibition, Humming Bird Theater, Toronto, ON.
1993 Year end Student exhibition, Central Tech. High School, Toronto, ON.