Annette Kunow

Annette Kunow

Bochum, Germany

About Annette Kunow

When I'm not working in my artist studio, I'm teaching students in mechanical engineering or practice engineering in global companies. Since more than 30 years I am working as a painter. I begin my work with an idea, the initial design, somewhat like an engineer creates the drawing of an engine construction. Then I deconstruct the forms and play with shapes and colors. I like to paint the figures in expressive gestures, they are quarrelling, laughing, loving or just standing on its own. They attract people spontaneously because they look straight to them touching their feelings. Since a few years I also produce narrative daily sketches, drawings, collages, mixed media techniques from small to large sizes. As I like to transfer my figures in an animate world, they become more independent and vivid in three-dimensional works, objects and sculptures. Among painting I put my daily impressions into poems, short stories and other written.


1953 born in Berlin
1961 Escape from the GDR
1961-1971 Schools in Stuttgart
1971 General qualification for university entrance
1975 End of studies in civil engineering (Dipl.-Ing.)
1981 Doctorate (Dr.-Ing.)
1982-1988 Industrial activity
since 1988 Professor at the Bochum University of Applied Sciences in the Department of Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering
lives in Bochum
The paintings are about people doing something to each other or to themselves.
Through layers of paint on top of each other or torn away, I unmask the true face behind the mask.
Observations in everyday life inspire me to create works - always with titles - that reflect the observer's own history


Art Exhibitions and Art Fairies
Art Exhibitions

Art Exhibitions National
1991 Art Workshop "Kunst
leben", Schwäbischer Kunstsommer im Kloster Irsee in Irsee
1992 Art Workshop "Kunst
leben", Schwäbischer Kunstsommer im Kloster Irsee in Irsee
1993 Art Exhibition 1.
Kunstsonntag in
Essen (S)

1994 Art Exhibition 2. Kunstsonntag in

1995 Art Exhibition OC-
Consult in
Essen (S)
1995 Art Exhibition 3. Kunstsonntag in

1996 Art Exhibition Artmobile in Bad Sassendorf (S)
1996 Art Exhibition WAZ-
Galerie in Essen (S)
1996 Art Exhibition Galerie
Peveling in Olpe (S)

1996 Art Exhibition 4. Kunstsonntag in

1997 Art Exhibition
Zentrum Ruhr- Universität Bochum in Bochum
1997 Art Exhibition 5. Kunstsonntag in
Essen (S)

1998 Art Exhibition 6. Kunstsonntag in
Essen (S)

1999 Art Exhibition BMW AG NL Frankfurt/ M. with Galerie Wild, in
Frankfurt/ M. (S)
1999 Art Exhibition GEA
AG in Herne (S)
1999 Art Exhibition 7. Kunstsonntag in
Essen (S)

2000 Art Exhibition 8. Kunstsonntag in
Bochum (S)

2001 Art Exhibition 9. Kunstsonntag in
Bochum (S)

2002 Art Exhibition 10. Kunstsonntag in
Bochum (S)

2004 Art Exhibition Vodafone AG in
Düsseldorf (S)
2004 Art Exhibition 11.
Kunstsonntag in
Bochum (S)

2005 Art Exhibition Galerie
Hexagone in Aachen (S)
2005 Art Exhibition Lederland in Essen with Galerie Hexagone, Aachen
2005 Art Exhibition 12. Kunstsonntag in

2007 Art Exhibition 13. Kunstsonntag in

2008 Art Exhibition 14.
Kunstsonntag in

2009 Art Exhibition Dr.
Kerstolt/ Dr.
Fürstenberg in Meschede (S)
2009 Art Exhibition 15. Kunstsonntag in
Bochum (S)

2010 Art Exhibition 16.
Kunstsonntag in
Bochum (S)

2011 Art Exhibition 17. Kunstsonntag in
Bochum (S)

2011 Art Exhibition "Narrative Portraits", Dr. Gärtner in Bochum (S)
2014 Art
Colorida Art Gallery,Lisboa, Portugal
Art Exhibition Internatioanl
1993 Art Exhibition GEKO GmbH in

1993 Art
Salzburg in Salzburg, Austrich
2009 Art Exhibition Galeria Gaudi in Madrid, Spain
2010 Art Exhibition Private Art Kirchberg 2010 in Luxemburg, Luxemburg
Art Fairies

2009 Art Fairy ArteGenova 2009 in
Galeria Gaudi, Madrid, Spain
2009 Art Fairy kunstart 09 in Bolzano (Bozen), Italy
Miami River Art Fair 2013, U. S. A.
Art Beijing 2014, China

(S) single exhibition