Walter Paul Bebirian

Walter Paul Bebirian

New York , NY, United States

About Walter Paul Bebirian

ABOUT WALTER PAUL BEBIRIAN from what I can remember as it comes to me -

I was born in Forest Hills, New York near the end of 1949.

At age 7 I began private violin lessons -
during the same year my father took me to visit my uncle Jack Arabian working at the ABC Television Station at 66th Street in Manhattan -

On my 8th birthday my parents gave me a Kodak Brownie Camera - and I took my first photograph - of my Uncle Jack Arabian making shish kebab on his ba-b-que:

In grammar school P.S. 144 Forest Hills in the NYC Public School System I played the violin in the school orchestra - broke my hand playing sports - began playing the Sousaphone and practiced at my home on a trumpet and also played the Bass Drum for Orchestra performance -

In Junior High School I became a member of the Queens Junior High School All Borough Orchestra performing at Queens College Colden Auditorium and the All City Junior Hight School Orchestra - performing in Carnegie Hall

my music experience during high school years:
yes I remember that time of life - we had orchestra rehearsal every lunch hour - I was playing the violin - Friday nights I was performing with my rock band (bass guitar) at different locations - Saturday morning was a rehearsal with the All City High School Orchestra (violin) - then on to an hour private lesson Saturday afternoon -(violin) - rock band rehearsal during the late afternoon (bass guitar) - performance with the rock band Saturday night (bass guitar) - Sunday afternoon performance with the Queens Symphony Orchestra(violin) and Sunday night rock band performance (bass guitar) - Wednesday rehearsal with the Queens Symphony (violin)- and Monday night rehearsal with an Armenian Group (violin) preparing for an Armenian play performance to raise money to build the St. Vartan's Armenian Cathedral in Manhattan -
when I was asked to join the All Country Orchestra (violin) and spend Easter Week rehearsing - that is where I said no thank you -

during all of the following years until 1976 I continued to take photographs as well as create art images for myself -

In Queensbororo Community College I exhibited a group of photographs in the school

In Queens College I had one of my images published in the school literary magazine - Whereas

some efforts in marketing currently in effect:

including Pinterest:

- and people have been repining them -

I also have a twitter page where people have sometimes been commenting :

- there each image is posted as I upload -

then I do have a main Facebook page for my art:

and someone pointed out to me the other day that my FAA widget is implanted there in the shop section or page:

I have a group specifically for my art collection:

a few blogs:

the FAA widget on every page of my main site:

a Saatchi Online page:

a spot on Artists Info in England:

a spot on Manta:

a presence on LinkedIn:

and an Instagram page:

perhaps there are more locations but these above are a few of the main ones -

after all of this effort it is most important to realize that the right image must land in front of the right person - and at the right time - :-)

also here is my Manifesto:

you can see everything at my main website: