Beverly Kedzior

Beverly Kedzior

INDIAN CREEK, IL, United States

About Beverly Kedzior

As a child, I was fascinated by Disney films and Dr Seuss books. I spent hours copying and drawing the images I found there. Then I fell in love with The Jetsons and other Saturday morning cartoons. Years later, in art school, I realized how much those movies, cartoons and books affected my art. The paintings I made resembled backgrounds for those movies and cartoons. The foregrounds contained bulbous images (think the 7 dwarfs).

Several years ago, I discovered that a genetic disorder, named Fragile X, lurked deep in my family history. In search of explanations, I was consumed with delving into medical books. The images I found there both fascinated and repelled me. At the same time, I saw a correlation to the organic and cartoony images that had become a part of my paintings. So I consciously made the medical illustrations a part of the images that I use to construct drawings that ultimately become paintings.

Although my paintings are developed with formal structure in mind and an emphasis on material and process, much of the imagery is gleaned from animated film and medical textbooks. So, as a critic once wrote, it is not an accident that some of my paintings resemble vivid, spongy and psychedelic landscapes that a space-age cartoon family might zoom through; or that others suggest Wassily Kandinsky meeting the Lava Lamp while watching a 1960’s educational film introducing youngsters to the wonders of the digestive system.

The finished paintings stress color, texture and space through the use of traditional and non-traditional tools and printing techniques that include stencils, brushes, rollers, scrapers, masking and resist products.

I have also been influenced by Arshile Gorky, Dr. Seuss, Wassily Kandinsky, Peter Saul, Joan Miro, Walt Disney and Pixar.


Beverly Kedzior is a graduate of Barat College and the Art Institute of Chicago. Kedziors work has been shown in more than 100 solo, competitive and invitational exhibitions (national and international). Selected exhibitions include: the Chicago Cultural Center, Rockford Art Museum, South Bend Museum of Art, Davenport Museum of Art, Freeport Museum of Art, New Visions Museum, David Weinberg Gallery, Kraft Lieberman Gallery, Judith Racht Gallery, Wood Street Gallery, University of Illinois, Aurora University, Kishwaukee College, College of St. Francis and College of Lake County. Her work has been reviewed and written about in Chicago Sun-Times, Northshore Magazine, Crow Woods Publishing, New Art Examiner, South Bend Tribune, Daily Chronicle, Pioneer Press and News-Sun. She has curated several exhibitions for the Evanston Art Center and the Art Center of Highland Park. Her work is represented in numerous public collections including: South Bend Museum of Art, The Weitzman Foundation, Schiff Hardin & Waite, Petterson Safety Co., Volmar Inc. and College of Lake County.,