Galina Bleikh

Galina Bleikh

Maale Adumim, Israel, Israel

About Galina Bleikh

Galina was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. Since 1993, she lives in Jerusalem.
Galina works in the field of New Media Art.
She is constantly moving forward. And whenever she senses that her method of artistic expression is lagging behind, she changes her language to bring it into line with her self-experience at the present time.


Galina Bleikh graduated from the Stieglitz St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry, Russia (MA).I


Awards & Prizes:
2017 – Diploma, medal and commemorative sign by Russian Academy of Architecture for the design of the book “The Art of Urban Planning.“
2009 – Diploma “Art of Book – 2009” by Association of Publishers of Russia for the design of the book by poet A. Altshuler.
1997 – Diploma of Alternative Video Festival, Jerusalem.


Solo Exhibitions:
2016 – POP UTOPIA. Inner Voice Gallery, St. Petersburg.
2015 – FREEDOM TO THE FROGS! Video Performance, Old Manson, St. Petersburg.
2012 – POP ASIA. Solo Exhibition. Artco France Gallery, Paris.
2010 – Big Gallery, Beit Gabriel on Kinneret, Israel.
2004 – Remember where you came from. Video installation, The New Gallery, Jerusalem.
1999 – Temple of Sensuality. Installation/performance, The Artists House, Jerusalem.
1996 – Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, France.
1991 – Solo Exhibition. Leleco Art Gallery, London.

Group Exhibitions:
2018 – "Shop it". Haifa Museum of Art, Israel.
2018 – Street Art Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2017–2014 – POP AUSTIN. International Art Show. Texas, USA.
2013 – LA ART SHOW. Los-Angeles, USA.
2013 – ART HAMPTON. New York, USA.
2011 – ART ASIA MIAMI. Miami, USA.
2011 – SELECTION ARTFAIR BASEL. Basel, Switzerland.