Elisa R Boughner

Elisa R Boughner

Glenview, IL, United States

About Elisa R Boughner

Elisa R. Boughner was born in the United States, raised in Mexico and studied art in America and Europe. Her work reflects the influence of each of these cultures, and of a range of painting styles from the Impressionists, through the German Expressionists, and finally the Cubist. The result is a unique and highly personal style that brings extraordinary vibrance to often-ordinary subjects. Boughner uses traditional forms such as still life, but animates them through bold, often unconventional color and dynamic brushwork. By using often densely layered colors she achieves a complex, subtle and wide emotional range that transforms studies of external surfaces into exposes of internal feeling. The contrast between her objective subject matter and subjective treatment generates a creative dissonance that brings the paintings richly to life. Boughner uses the bright colors characteristic of Mexican painting, but employs them in the viscerally communicative fashion of the Expressionists. Her palette is often innovative, sometimes subversive, achieving striking complements and juxtapositions. Her intuitive, almost tactile use of color and form speaks a highly personal artistic language, one that communicates directly and eloquently with the viewer. An artist is a vessel. A vessel filled to overflowing, spilling its contents from here and there. This spillage comes under control with time and experience, to be maintained and brought out at will. The paint is applied undiluted, directly from my paint tubes onto the canvas. The result is a bold, uncompromising composition that speaks to me on many different levels. By working this way I keep as little of myself from getting in the way of the creative process as it flows through me onto the surface.


September 1985 to May 1987:
Graduate Student, Earned M.F.A. in Drawing and Painting. Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois

September 1984 to May 1985:
Undergraduate Student, Earned B.F.A. in Printmaking. Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois

September 1983 to May 1984:
Studied European culture and artistic expression. Art History. Advanced drawing skills. Salzburg College, Salzberg, Austria

September 1980 to May 1983:
Undergraduate student. Studied Drawing and Printmaking. Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois


Solo Show: "Implication of Color"
September 17- October 18, 2018
Dittmar Gallery, Northwestern University
1999 Campus Dr
Evanston, Illinois


2018 -Dittmar Gallery, Evanston Illinois
2017 -South Shore Arts, Chicago, Illinois
2015/17 -Field Museum, Chicago, Illinois
2015 -Ormond Art Museum, Ormond Beach, Florida
2014 -University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
2013 -Art Center Highland Park, Highland Park, Illinois
2011 -UIC Montgomery Ward Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
2010 -Mary Vincent Gallery, LaGrange, Illinois
2007 -Amdur Gallery, Glenview, Illinois
2006 -Old Town Triangle Art Center, Chicago, Illinois
2005 -Gallery 2520, Knox, Indiana
2005 -Maple Ave. Gallery, Evanston, Illinois
2005 -Jasper Arts Center, Jasper, Indiana
2004 -Scot Foresman Exhibit, Glenview, Illinois
2004 -Mary Vincent Gallery, LaGrange, Illinois
2003 -Park Center, Glenview, Illinois
1999-2003 -Studio 34, Glenview, Illinois
2003 -Glenview State Bank, Glenview, Illinois
2002 -International Artexpo, New York, NY
2001 -Northview Bank & Trust, Northfield, Illinois
2001 -Tina Hahn Gallery- Barrington, Illinois
2001-2015 -Artifex Studio, Glenview, Illinois
2000 -Loyola University Medical Center- Maywood, IL
1998 -Akainyah Gallery- Chicago, Illinois
1995 -Whimsy- Chicago, Illinois
1987 -Northern Illinois University Gallery- DeKalb, Illinois
1984 -Salzburg, Austria