Celeste Gómez

Celeste Gómez

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

About Celeste Gómez

Celeste Gómez:
For inquiries: celeste_arte@hotmail.com

Celeste utilizes her imagination in creating a collection of fetishistic imagery that utilizes the theme of love in a shock tactic depicting beautiful women, men and androgynous characters in her iconic art. Being compared to the finest mainstream comic book artists, her characters like theirs are dressed in skin tight leather many in a bondage type of situation. Her avant garde subjects are fitted with her original undergarments, stockings, high heels, corsets and boots, leather, leather and more leather, especially prevalent in the wardrobe of her DOMINATRIX. Celeste herself can be the model of her own artistry as she exposes herself in photographs as a beautiful dominatrix, making her, a living example that has stepped in and out of her own art works. Many of the art masterpiece delve into its own psychological androgyny of passion and aggression, all have a timeless spectrum of other world elusiveness that contains our very own voyeuristic nature. Celeste while nurturing her own passion for Gothic Arts is allowing the public through Facebook to study her work and interact with her, it becomes obvious that her training as an artist gave her an assertiveness that goes above and beyond most people.It is obvious that Celeste as a female artist has opened up a window for all to see from whatever part of society that they come from, no doubt, if we let it, our imaginations can run the gamut of possibilities. Even to the possibility that we can be a character in her art. Celeste concentrates on the subtle aspects of the environment that she creates, the ones that other artists are inclined to dismiss as unimportant. Her effort in transferring what is on her mind to canvas is not a gender specific account as the mainstream understands, as the usual traits in relationships. Truly innovative adaptations have thrown the ideal situations of mundane love into a whirlwind of drama in an innovative mindset. She has utilized her creative processes into indulgence outside of the normal processes and created a body of work that has its own collective consciousness and there are those among us that are living examples of the roster of people inhabiting the planet. The key characteristics of her creative luminaries are so powerfully created by the artist that they are real, that we want to know them, yet, the characters are elusive. Celeste is beyond the strength of her own imagination, her courage to strive for that which is unrealistically unattainable is really delving into the strength of our own imagination, culturally important and personally indispensable to both the spiritual survival of us and Celeste.
by Andrew Earl Singer for Worldawide Art Magazine and TV Show, USA


School of Fine Arts Rogelio Yrurtia.


Euphoria Party
Night Special Event. RAMMSTEIN.
Special mention of art by the Euphoria organization.

Interview for the newspaper Clarín, Notice: Paint it in black. June 7, 2009

Participation Dark Melodies, interview Radio Online -May 2011.

Exhibition at Green Hell, bands event and art exhibition by Celeste Gómez- 2010

Participation of art in the Oracle Bar, October 2010


At age 16 she began to exhibit, first in the 18U, organized by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, in Centro Dorrego .

At 17years old, she makes a series of exhibitions. Exhibits at the Rogelio Yrurtia school of Fine Arts. Then the exhibition is taken to the House of Culture, later to Province House.

At 18 she was called back to exhibit, opening the season fromCentro Cultural Adán Buenos Aires, with the exhibition "THE SPIRIT OF SOLITUDE"

At 19 years old she joined the magazine Caras y Caretas, is the youngest illustrator of the magazine.

At the age of 20 participate with her artworks in the Harlequin Theatre, in the first Gothic festival in Buenos Aires, "El Mundo de las Cúpulas"

Harlequins Theatre again with the second gothic festival in Buenos Aires, stating "THE 7 SINS".

At the age of 22 years she was interviewed by the newspaper Clarín supplement SÍ.

On October 20, 2013 She traveled to England, invited by the Gallery Hillier.

In England she has exhibited in: Hillier Gallery (Stratford-Upon-Avon)
Stockport Art Gallery (Stockport)
Seven Miles Out. (Stockport)
Solaris Center (Blackpool)
Eccles Community Art Gallery (Eccles-Manchester)
Noise Festival (Manchester)