Cristina Golovatic

Cristina Golovatic

Chisinau, Chisinau, Moldova

About Cristina Golovatic

Born: March 16th
Currently lives & works in Budapest.

Bold in her style of painting, she abrades, cuts and scratches the canvas while working, yet her work always induces a serene emotion. Cristina Golovatic is an abstractionist, shaped in an ever changing picture, under the influence of the best 19th century impressionists. She developed a particular love for textures, complicated colours and storytelling on canvases. The spontaneous attitude is also induced by an array of "planned accidents": different stains, scribbles or hidden words and messages. The conscious decision of fat strokes and smudges, cuts out the painting from the real world, inviting everybody to an open hike. A vibrant artist, driven by her youthfulness, rebellion and insatiable thirst of being. Her chaos is harmony, her geometry is nature, her composition is whole.


Group show: Rencontre Franco-Moldave, October 26 - November 12, 2018, City Hall, Le Havre, France

Solo Show: "Tuesday Blues" May 29 –July 10 2017 at Alliance Française de Moldavie, Chisinau, Moldova

Group show: September 25 2015, organized by EU delegation in R. of Moldova (alternative space, STAG textile factory, Chisinau, Moldova)

Group show: May 10 2015, organized by EU delegation in R. of Moldova (Tipografia 5 Club, Chisinau, Moldova)

Group Show: February 2014, National Gallery "Constantin Brancusi", Chisinau, Moldova