David Myriam

David Myriam

Crest, France

About David Myriam

Through painting, writing, drawings on paper or with sand, I am looking sleek and meaningful forms, to the invention of a particular symbolism to touch each person.
My creations mix critical analysis and raw emotion.
Warm colors surround the cold, angular shapes.
Life disturbs coercive human structures, hierarchical or destructive.
By the shapes and colors, I want to talk about the fight and the contrast between the forces of life and s and harmful human actions & constructions.
This is to find a freedom, a naive sensibility, to see things from different angles, to highlight archetypes, vicious circles.
It also shows a questioning of violence and freedom, on the place of individuals (human and animal) in collective structures, on the way for move between anonymous monsters and machines.
I use color not figuratively, as with the black and white I want to go to the essentials without the eyes can be hijacked by reassuring shapes.
This symbolic voluntary unreality aims to raise see and feel what concerns me.
I would like corrosive colors, such as acids that eat away and scour our eyes and the world to lay bare.
I would like radioactive ink to reveal our prisons, to mutate our visions.
Looking for a painting that burns ashes to release bright faults.


:: Since 2005: lots of live sand painting performances (See http://tramage.com) for various events and live performances (festivals, concerts, theater, opera, corporate...), in lots of country, exemples: Unesco, Mozart Opera, Electrochoc, 104 Paris, Euroleague Basketball Paris, Lyon National Orchestra, Macau Arts Festival, Esplanade Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, China, Toroto, Morocco...
:: My last short film Midnight Blue is selected in lots of festivals: Interfilm Berlin, Washington, San Francisco, Ecollywood, Green Image Film Festival, Zebra Poetry, Des Courts en Hiver, Skepto, Hong Kong, Seoul...


October 2016: Crest, France
July 2015: Moirans, France
August 2012 :: Switzerland, Saint Imier "Espace Noir"
May 2012: video screening of drawings in Montgontier, France
September 2012: a drawing exhibited at the International Fair of Contemporary Art in Nîmes (competition), France
June 2011: video screening of drawings in festival ArtéFac, Perpignan, France