Debora Missoorten

Debora Missoorten

Reet, Antwerp, Belgium

About Debora Missoorten

I love to bring small and big issues and questions of our everyday life into my paintings and I love to do this in a rather 'playful' way . My paintings are also inspired by personal memories and thoughts about life in general. The use of a specific color scheme adds a feeling of idealization and sentiment to my art. Some of my paintings are permeated with an idealized vision of the world others are filled with second thoughts and questions.
For me , painting is a way of blogging, an attempt to depict a transient moment in liberty of interpretation. I want to make use of this liberty as much as possible to avoid my work becoming predictable. The 'people' in my paintings are my 'characters', my persona that's why I knowingly not always give them realistic skintones or photographic representation of the faces even so I had a classical portrait from life education and love to draw and paint realistic portraits. I put a lot of time in the detailed underdrawing which I do on the old fashion way inspired by the Old Masters even it is time consuming it is the way I prefer to work .
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Born and living in Antwerp, Belgium where she works as an independent artist. She graduated at the Fine Art Academy St.Niklaas (Antwerp)with a degree in Costume design for Theater, Drawing and sketching from life model and Painting , she followed also workshops in different disciplines.


Winner of the Belgium National contest "Homage" with my painting "Homage to the Tomatosoup",I had the honour to exhibit in the BOZAR Centre for Fine Art - "Hommage Expo" - in Brussels -Belgium

2 nd Price winner of the contest "Painting of the year " my painting "Do you think it would be nice to invite a stranger for dinner? was exhibited in the CODA Museum at Apeldoorn Netherland -2016