Dominique Janssens - DEAU

Dominique Janssens - DEAU

Oisterwijk, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

About Dominique Janssens - DEAU

(Completely new since January 2020! More artworks coming up soon!)

I, DEAU, was born in Brabant, in the south of The Netherlands, in the autumn of 1992. My parents gave me the French name Dominique. But, since many people have shorten it into ‘Do’, in French written as Deau, I decided to use that as my signature. After years of drawing, painting and discovering, I was accepted at the highly recommended St. Joost Acadamy of Arts in Breda. But, I rather consider myself as a self-taught artist.

As a -mostly- wildlife and horse artist, I have a full focus on the animal kingdom. My figurative art style is bold and realistic with a highly focus on the natural colours and features of a specific breed or specie. That, because I want you to show you all the beautiful differences between animals: those characteristics that makes an animal or breed just that special. To emphasize what makes them unique. From classic Europe to the wildlife of Africa and Asia to the oriental world of India and the Middle East: those differences that makes our world colourful. Instead of thinking ‘what is better’, I appreciate this magnificent diversity.

Most of my artworks are inspired by vintage artists like Alfred Munnings and George Stubbs, naturalists such as John Gould and John James Audubon and, for my upcoming chiaroscuro collection (artworks with a dark background), old masters like Rembrandt, Vermeer en Melchior d’Hondecoeter.

Since January 2020, I have completely updated my art style. I usually work with bright and lightfast watercolors from high quality brands, such as Daniel Smith, Mijello and Winsor and Newton, high quality paper and only -for animal friendly reasons- synthetic materials: no animal hair is used.

Artist statement: not a trophy
Nowadays, the numbers of -wildlife- animals are enormously decreasing, mostly because of human actions like burning forests and brutal trophy hunting. If you (in general) really respect nature, put your favourite animal on the wall with a painting instead of brutally killing it. No innocent killed creature is ever a trophy.


AKV St. Joost | Breda