Dmitriy Kedrin

Dmitriy Kedrin

Moscow, Russia

About Dmitriy Kedrin

1962 was born in Moscow, Russia
1997 - member of The Moscow Union of Artists (division The Moscow association of Painters)
1986-1996 - worked in area of advertising, a book illustration and graphic design
1998 - The First Place at National Festival Golden Brush of Russia
2009 - winner of SHOWDOWN on Saatchi Online gallery
2012 - the diploma of the club "Creative Wednesdays" (Central House of the Artist, Moscow).
Works are in the Museum of Russian Art in New Jersey (USA) and in private collections in Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, Russia and the USA.
Since 1989 participant of 80 solo and group exhibitions in Russia, Germany and France.

The Grandson of the famous Russian poet Dmitriy Kedrin (1907-1945).
Lives in Moscow ,


1975-1979 - The Moscow Art school
1981-1986 - Moscow Institute of Graphic Art