Dr Franky Dolan

Dr Franky Dolan

San Francisco, CA, United States

About Dr Franky Dolan

All of this art is the culmination of a man who became bedridden and housebound for many years. Hours upon hours were spent alone and painfully ill, leaving the mind with only one option for survival. Franky went into a daily monk-like meditation, every single day for years. Overwhelming visions and messages were so strong, he could barely contain them in his body. So his partner, Randy, brought him paints and clay one day, and said, "create your visions." With no formal art training, Franky looked down at his hands, and began to sculpt and paint these psychic impressions, all from his bed or even on the floor. From this, they started FaeFactory.com, and use the sales of the various art creations to support treatment, outreach and advocacy. This art is more than just art; to Randy Ordonio and Dr Franky Dolan, it is life. …Thank you for your support, and please, join the mission!


-Doctor of Education, Graduate Theological Foundation; Degree Completion at Oxford University, UK.
-Master of Arts in Humanities and Leadership, New College.
-Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, New College.
-Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis Motivation Institute.


Award Winning Art Featured In:

-Kakkis Foundation; Rare Artist Gallery
-Art Doll Quarterly Magazine; Spring
-Haute Handbags Magazine
-Belle Armoire Magazine
-Art Doll Quarterly Magazine; Winter