Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa

Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa


About Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa

I did my Ph.D. in Microbiology. I am an artist too. I am passionate about painting. I am a self taught artist. I have been painting since my childhood but became an active artist since 2006. .As I am from the field of science, the themes of most of my paintings are based on science. I specialize in Art from Science. However, I bring together science, religion, art ,philosophy etc. to create harmony between these varied fields.
I am also a writer, a poet, a designer, a social activist & a network creator. I explore the relationship between art & science on my network.


Ph.D. in Microbiology. Did Post doctoral research for two years.Presented & published several research papers. One solo exhibition "Cosmic Show of Science" organised in 2008. One group exhibition organised in 2008., Several exhibitions in India in 2009, One group exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2010. A group exhibition in Bologna, Italy in 2011 and participating in Izmir Biennial in May, 2011.I have also exhibited in the Science-art International conference at Moscow in 2012.


Future Shows: Three of my shows are coming up starting this month.