Elena Blanco

Elena Blanco

London, United Kingdom

About Elena Blanco

ARTIST STATEMENT: “I'm interested in finding out how far drawing can go with little. How very simple marks convey meaning. How space and light can appear so magically. Because of my background in architecture I approach my work from design and composition.
Because of my love of literature and philosophy, stories and ideas are a constant source of inspiration and many of my pieces have an illustrative character.

I’m interested in art as a practice, something that happens, appears, rather than a final product. However, I believe that the final products of art can also bring back to the audience the moments of joy and discovery of the art process.

I’m interested in the practice of art as a way of bringing people together and engage in meaningful occupation. I believe in the potential of art to heal and help with mental suffering. I believe in art as a means to reach joy.”

BIOGRAPHY: Elena Blanco is a Spanish artist and illustrator based in London since 2000. She started her creative practice as an architect working in different offices in Barcelona and the UK. After a long career break looking after her young children she started painting and illustrating in 2007 and since 2014 she’s worked full time in her art practice.

As an illustrator she works on commissions all over the world. Her illustrations and paintings are sold on-line globally. Her more commercial work, under the brand Dreamy Me is sold at Ikea, Habitat and many other department stores in Europe and the USA. Her more personal and original work is sold at Etsy and Saatchi.


Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona 1992


Publications and Exhibitions
2020 Issue Publication of drawings for Casa Vicens by Antoni Gaudi. A 1997 collaboration.
2018 Watercolour paintings published by Octopus in The Watercolour ideas book by Joanna Goss
2015 Artist Book Group Exhibition at Studio73 Brixton, London
2014 Making Uncovered art and crafts group exhibition at 6 Somerleyton Road, Brixton London.
2014 Illustrations for Mill Memories – recollections of the Ashby’s Mill, Brixton, published by Friends of Windmill Gardens, London.
2012 Making Uncovered art and crafts group exhibition in Brixton East Gallery London.