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Edit Hermkens

Kiskunfélegyháza, Hungary

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Hi! I am happy that you found me here, on Saatchi art. I love to catch and paint moments from nature. Spring and autumn I work plein air but also I paint a lot in my studio. Go and take a look around on my page. I hope you will like my artwork. Connect me anytime if a painting caught your attention.


Hungary, Szeged University of Science Department of Drawing-Art History Department of Painting



I was born on 15th May 1968, in Hódmezővásárhely. I have been living in Kiskunfélegyháza for 16 years.

To the influence of my parents I had spent my childhood and adolescence with sports. In line with the expectations, I had completed my studies and responsibilities conscientiously. However, my enthusiasm for fine arts (drawing and painting) was already revealed in my youth and as I grew up and my personality had been developed, this passion required more and more of my attention.
My art teacher in high school, András Szabó helped me first to recognize my talent and his encouragement gave me confidence to embrace my artistic side.

The realization of this intention was interrupted for several years by starting a family and building up my financial existence. Nevertheless, the joy of creativity had been guiding through this period.

As a grown woman, after creating a stable financial and family background, I had the opportunity to start my art career.
In 2013, I applied to the University of Szeged, Juhász Gyula Faculty of Education, Department of Art and Art History. In 2016, I graduated as a Bachelor in Fine Arts major in Painting/Graphic Design.

Landscape and animal representation is an opportunity for me to explore its possibilities, complexity and state-of-the-art solutions.
During exhibitions I am studying the art and technique of Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Menyhért Tóth as an example. Among contemporary artists, the artistic concepts of László Tenk and Sándor Aranyi are closer to me.

For me a picture is not just an aesthetic revelation or an intellectual challenge, but also a sensual phenomenon, a material woven from colors and forms.
I do not seek to construct absolutes, I simply formulate my personal observations, moods, feelings, small stories and micro affairs instead.
During my work, I have faced series of questions about the representation of nature, the function and the relation of painted pictures to artistic traditions, and to close and distant predecessors.
I do not feel the need to engage the process of creation or the artwork with a sacred aura, and I do not endow myself with the mythical power of redemption. It is the connection with nature what stands in the center of my interest, and through my works I am trying to transmit these feelings and energy towards the viewers.
During the process of creation, I strive for harmonious artwork which dissolves in the fullness of existence and materialize through lively colors, rich lighting effects and sensual surfaces.

In 2016, I became a member of the National Association of Hungarian Creative Artists (MAOE).
Sándor Aranyi and László Tenk help my development.
Looking ahead to the future, I wish to improve my knowledge and to grow deeper in this art form.
I would like to fulfill my hidden potential by putting it into practice and embracing the everyday joy of creativity.