Elizabeth Nagle

Elizabeth Nagle

East Dorset, VT, United States

About Elizabeth Nagle

My passion lies in painting and the process of creating on a blank canvas. My work is comprised of marks, drips, collage and drawings on canvas, paper or wood. My work represents an interpretation of my experiences. Every piece becomes a journey with it's own life and language. The process is mostly intuitive, unplanned and free flowing. Eventually a dialogue develops with the work and a story unfolds.

I am intrigued by the psychological phenomenon called Pareidolia. This is a word for the human tendency to visually make sense of patterns and random information. We see images in clouds, rock formations, floors, ceilings, wood grain and a myriad of other places. Leonardo da Vinci wrote about this in his notebooks: "If you look at walls that are stained or made of different kinds of stones you can think you see in them certain picturesque views of mountains, rivers, rocks, trees, plains, broad valleys, and hills of different shapes. You can also find in them battles and rapidly moving figures, strange faces and costumes, as well as an infinite number of things."

When I work I start to see images, which sometimes I make clear to the viewer, and others I let linger mysteriously. Through different methods, I am exploring ways to create a magical atmosphere. My works are like windows to another place and time where one encounters images both personal and universal.

So...... what do you see??


Bard College
BFA San Francisco Art Institute


Paterson Art Walk 2013


SOLOS 2013 Westport Arts Center