Erna Velic

Erna Velic

Gothenburg, V. Göteland, Sweden

About Erna Velic

The joy of painting comes from the act of creation and movement through the colours. - Eri

42 Years old artist based in Sweden. Paintings and signings artworks under name Eri V.

" I discover inspiration by love, music, light, and aspiration of meaning to be yourself and remain it. My paintings are with subtle tones with motives from everydays life interwoven with emotions, expressions and meaning behind of painting, but sometimes even with dark colors. All those scenes and parts of my canvas reveal the artist's temperament and is suitable for the large range of moods.
Today's artlovers, beholders and consumer of art actually needs painting that, in no way, will irritate, make you tired or upset and it is something you can not find on my paintings despite subdued colors sometimes."

As a kid I watched my mom drawing beautiful landscapes and illustrations of some story she used to read to me. I´ve got that love for paintings from her. My very first painting in oil was a painting of autumn in tree allay. That year, 2000 was a very colorful fall I´ll never forget. After that I painted sporadically, but mostly in oil and acrylic on canvas. I tried me with portraits, even self-portrait in charcoal, but I realized that I like more nature. Lately, I´m very interested about abstract painting and it is what I´m trying to study by my own. Even by the tips I´ve got from my Art-friend Igor K about digitalart with ProCreate I opened a whole new world of that kind of art.
The possibility to express my feelings at any time and any place :) Subtleness and tenderness can be felt in my art, but even those dark colors which are also a part of mess in everybody's life.
My second art love is photography and both of these would be nothing without the music in my ears. :)
Have a nice day and enjoy my art :)


-Oil-painting (paintings courses in Sarajevo and Gothenburg)
- Course in drawing which ended with group exhibition organized by Art-Media in Sarajevo


8/2018- Festival D´Art , Kalkota, India (part. with digital painting)
7/2018 - 5/7-2018, Vernissage , River City Gallery, Gothenburg.

Vernissage 23/-2017 and 30/7-2017, Viking Art Gallery, Helsingborg

-2016/2017 On my blogg: I decided to make a little challenge to myself which I call "7 days of art" by E - every month. It will be my trying to improve myself in different course of art and to work with different mediums to give a chance to my love for art. I´m gonna paint something for 7 days each month in this year. You can follow my works on it on


8/2018- Festival D´Art , Kalkota, India (part. with digital painting)
7/2018- River City Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden
7/2017 -12/2017- Viking Art Gallery, Helsingborg, Sweden
12/2016 - now -Online gallery at
10/2016 - Local library in Gothenburg
12/2004- Art Media , Sarajevo