geneva, Switzerland


Colorblind artist born in Geneva in 1960, grew uo in New York. I'm currently working in London and Geneva.
My artwork is based on the introspection of human relationships or rather non-relationships. It depicts superficiality, solitude symbolically expressed by the opposition of organic versus non-organic, light and darkness and archetypes inspired from Greek mythology. I work in chiaroscuro atmospheres where light rips it's way through darkness thus showing a way to a new stage of optimism.
I'm mainly influenced by black/white thrillers and horror movies of the 60's; it explains my choice of a figurative style, the chiaroscuro atmospheres and the use of large formats as a reminder of movie screens.
It's a therapeutical work dealing with ghosts from the past: the fascination and fear of the city, friends and solitude, separations from people and places I loved.
I work on canvas, kraft paper or watercolour paper with ink and acrylic paint.
My technique consists of brushing a first layer of sepia or black ink, then a layer of diluted acrylic and finally a thicker layer of acrylic.
When I work on paper the process is the same but more importance is given to the ink layer and the final acrylic one is more discrete.


Arts Décoratifs of Geneva


1984 : Gallery Cluny, Geneva, Switzerland
1985 : Gallery S.M.A., Geneva, Switzerland
1986 : Salle Davel, Cully, Switzerland : Gallery Florimont, Lausanne (collective exhibition), Switzerland : Exhibition/concert at JILL SANDERS’, Geneva, Switzerland
1987 : Gallery S.M.A. (collective), Geneva, Switzerland
1990 : Botanical Gardens, Geneva, Switzerland : «ROI UBU», Geneva, Switzerland
1991 : Gallery S.M.A., Geneva, Switzerland
1992 : MAISON VISINAND, Montreux, Switzerland : International Triathlon, Geneva, Switzerland
1993 : POLYOL INTERNATIONAL, Geneva, Switzerland : Espace SWISSAIR, Geneva, Switzerland 1994 : La Lignière, Gland, Switzerland
1996 : Ecole de Jazz de Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland 2000 : Engenheiro Coelho (collective exhibition), Brazil
2001 : Maison des Arts (collective exhibition), Vétraz-Montoux, France
2007 : Gallery de l’Horloge, Geneva, Switzerland : Caterpillar, Geneva, Switzerland
2008- : Représentation by the AGORA Gallery, New York, USA
2009 and collective exhibition “Contemporary Perspectives”
2008 : DERAPAGES Art Gallery, Brussels, Belgium 2009 : Gallery de l’Horloge, Geneva, Switzerland 2010 : Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK
2011 : Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK
2012 : Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK
2013 : Gallery de l’Horloge, Geneva, Switzerland
2014 : The Lloyd Gill Gallery, (group exhibition), Sommerset, UK
2015 : The Bricklane Gallery, (group exhibition), London, UK
2015 : Free Studios “You are not dead yet”, (group exhibition) Geneva, Switzerland