Frida B

Frida B

Austria, Austria, Austria

About Frida B

I paint to recognize and express myself - that is my form of authenticity.
I assimilate all my experiences in daily life by the way I express myself in painting.
Painting gives me the opportunity to connect with the world.
An authentic open attitude, the passion for working, my desires and dreams - as well as the connection with the music allow me to create my pictures without any previous idea. I rely on my feeling and my intuition. When painting, I feel connected to the whole - there are no limits. It is a form of dissolution as a single individual and a fusion with we call "ONE". I am deeply grateful for that.

Nature, music and philosophy are my companions and inspiration.

I mainly work with acrylic on canvas.
For collages I use charcoal, chalk, colored pencil and some structure paste or paper.



art classes with:
Ona B.
Susanne Kos
Alfred Hansl


Alegria Art Gallery
Port de Sóller, Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

Gallery Lindengrün
1010 Vienna-Autriche
"New Works"

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