Gennadiy Ivanov

Gennadiy Ivanov

Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom

About Gennadiy Ivanov

My name is Gennadiy Ivanov and I am UK-based artist and curator. I am from Norwich. Graduated with MAFA from Norwich University.

2018-2022 ‘Transitions’ an interdisciplinary an art-science project

Why is this Climate Change activity important for my artistic development?

Just one year ago, the world’s climate scientists issued a stark warning – their starkest of many previous – that there are only 12 years remaining in which the take the necessary action to limit global warming to a level where the most catastrophic consequences can still be avoided. I believe this requires an unprecedented mobilization of all sectors of the community. Artists can play an important role in raising awareness and inspiring action. I would like to devote a significant part of my activity over the next years to this overwhelming threat and challenge to global well-being. I believe I have the appropriate techniques and skills to make a difference, especially when coupled with the expertise, experience and advice of scientists with a powerful background in climate science. It is so apposite that I am based in Norwich which is one of the global power houses in climate research. These connections will give me access to many aspects of climate research around the world. I want to be able to capture and represent subjects which give a strong sensory message about climate change, its threat and coping strategies. For that reason, I will be visiting a country where the impacts of climate change will be amongst the greatest: Canada. I will witness scientists work in forests, in snow- and ice-fields, in torrents, and sites of great drought. I will see, and talk to, communities which have been devastated by the extreme events nested in global warming. On a second trip, I hope to observe that iconic symbol of climate change: the polar bear as it waits (increasingly forlornly) for its millennia-old winter life-support platform of sea-ice to form.
I will learn how to meld such dramatic messages from another place to equally-dramatic, but less visual and consequential, in Norfolk. This will mirror the scientific connection. Prof Trevor Davies, who spent most of his career based at UEA, employed Prof John Pomeroy as a young post-doc. They worked together around the world, but especially in Canada. Prof Pomeroy is now Director of the Global Water Futures programme with 125 partner institutions throughout the world. Both are committed to continued collaboration with me, both for the first phases of this project and as it grows through future transitions – in scope and geographically.

A brief summary of partners’ recent experience in managing similar types of activity.
Neither Prof Davies nor Prof Pomeroy have been directly involved in art projects before. However, they have both been heavily-involved in public engagement. Prof Davies has been involved in many engagement events during his time as Director of the Climatic Research Unit, Dean of the School of Environmental Sciences, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research, Enterprise and Engagement, all at UEA; UK Natural Environment Research Council Member, and Director of the Fudan Tyndall Centre in Shanghai. Similarly, Prof Pomeroy’s roles as Canada Research Chair in Hydrology and Director of the Global Water Futures programme has public engagement at their cores. Both have extensive experience in managing large-scale international research programmes. Taken together with their research expertise’s in climate, hydrology, snow/ice dynamics and chemistry, and atmospheric processes, they will prove (indeed, already have) effective partners for this project. They are both seasoned expedition leaders.


MAFA Norwich NUA

2010 Member of The Outpost Studios
​2017 Member of Norwich 20 artists group
2018-2019 The Canadian Centre for Water Forecasting and Prediction at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada
2018 The Norfolk County Council Arts Project fund
2017 The Norfolk County Council Arts Project fund
2017 East Anglia Art Fund
2016 The Norfolk County Council Arts Project fund
Research expeditions and residency:
2019-2021 Residency at the Canadian Centre for Water Forecasting and Prediction at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada,



- visit national reserves in arctic, Canada’s boreal forest, Rocky Mountains, Yukon, NWT, Hydrology and Climate Laboratory, Canmore, March/April 2019
- art-science expedition to western Canada, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Toronto , August/September 2019,

Solo Exhibitions:

European Geosciences Union meeting in Vienna
The Three Sisters Gallery, 2 March-29 April, Canmore, Canada
The Hub Gallery at artsPlace, 5 March-5 April, Canmore, Canada,

'Transitions'. The Norwich Cathedral Hostry art space
'Transitions' The Canadian Centre for Water Forecasting and Prediction at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada
'Transitions' The Coldwater Laboratory in Canmore, Alberta, Canada
Residency at the Canadian Centre for Water Forecasting and Prediction at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada
GWF Conference, September, Bengaluru, India
WMO High Mountain Summit 2019, Geneva, Swiss, October
GWF Operations Committee Meeting, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, November, Art Gallery of Hamilton

'Bedlam', The Undercroft Gallery, Norwich
Wymondham Arts Centre
​'Art of Revolution' , Bang&Olufsen, Norwich
'Floral Emotions' Maddermarket theatre,Norwich
2015 The Cactus Cafe, Magdalen street , Norwich
2015 " The gentle touch", Bobruisk, Belarus
2014 'First love and other stories',Stew gallery,Norwich,UK
2013 'Follow Van Gogh footsteps in Provence'Studio Art Gallery,Norwich
2012 "Dialogue",SAG
2011 "Naked Autograph",NUCA,Norwich "Metamorphosis",
2010 “Happy Campers” London, A-Art Gallery
"Metamorphosis",SAG, Norwich
"Open Studio",Outpost Studios,Norwich
"Norfolk Life",The Forum,Norwich
2008 “Soul mate” The Forum ,Norwich
“Favourites” Café-Pizzeria “Expresso”,Norwich
2007“Carnival” ,SAG
“Summer Time”, A-Art Gallery, London,
“Norfolk Air”, The Forum ,Norwich, UK
2006“My Studio”, SAG, Norwich,
Featured Artist on “Pictures of Norfolk”, Norwich,
“New Paintings”, A-Art Gallery, London,
2005 Resident Artist, SAG

Group Exhibitions:

Transitions, The Undercroft gallery, Norwich

YNAFestival The Forum, Norwich
​'Metamorphosis' N20 artists group show, The Undercroft gallery, Norwich
​N20 artists group at Hostry art space, Norwich Cathedral
'Stray', Group exhibition with Cambridge artists, The Undercroft art space, Norwich
75 years N20 Artists group, St Margarets Church art space, Norwich
Winter Exhibition, Mandells gallery, Norwich

The Bedlam, The Undercroft Gallery, Norwich
​'Pattern', Wymondham Art Centre, Norfolk
20 into 18 artists group exhibition, Norwich Royal theatre
H2O exhibition, The Undercroft Gallery, Norwich
​Nasty Women Norwich, The Undercroft Gallery
​Rejuvenation, UNA Gallery, Shoe Factory Social Club exhibition
Changes, N20 artists group at the Undercroft, May 2018
N2018G at the Forum, Norwich
​N20 artists group at Hostry art space, 2018-19
Connection: Open Call 2018 Wells Maltings, Norfolk, Wells-next-the-sea

'The Art of Revolution', The Undercroft gallery, The Forum, Bang&Olufsen shop, Norwich
'Paint Body Paint'-Nunns yard, Norwich