Goce Ilievski

Goce Ilievski

Skopje, Europe, Macedonia

About Goce Ilievski

Light is the essence of my work. The light that gives feeling of layered matter and different particle structure of the materials and life around us.
I began with more serious approach in the art research and painting and drawing in the High School of Art, where I got deeper knowledge of color. By time my perception and consciousness was growing and developing more. The quality of color relationships and light sensations that can be seen in old masters works was influencing my work too. However, I have always made connections between the old masters color usage and abstract, modern and contemporary artworks. The usage of color and light as a language or a tool to express emotions and thoughts is something that lies behind my work for many years. I think that is because of my astonishment of the artworks by the great visual artists and driven by my need to express, draw and paint.
I started to work with subjects from my everyday life, like portraits and developing way and language to show that there is movement behind all matter in the Universe. Behind every color and shape in the Earth and in the Universe, there is far more complex and deeper energy and meaning, than just its visual, material shape. I am interested in the abstract shapes, stains and colors in the figurative. Figurative works for me always bear the play of color value and their combination, not just reproducing the shape as it is. Even if the artist is reproducing something, there will always be something of his personality in the work. In this sense I can say that the gestures of the brushstrokes are also very important for me. The way how something is drawn or painted, a line or stroke and the matter that stays on the surface, leaving the artists seal of his whole being and genesis. This can be seen in my works, especially in the light brushstrokes and accents as final gestures or last breath of concentrated energy used in the artwork.
Although my subject matter changed in time, the basic idea lies behind it in all works. I think that behind every artistic career is one big idea of the artist subconscious which tends to be expressed during his life. In my case the light takes big part of it. I was impressed by the natural light in my early works, and by time I started to explore many different lights and light sources. As a result of that I came up to the night urban landscapes. I was interested in the lights that are throwing their energy on things around them. Moreover not only the light, but also their movement and the movement of other object, like visual energies in the dark, behind which lies something that we are unable to see or comprehend.
I compare this idea of light and distance with the vast space in the universe and the stars and other light objects. Naturally ideas of abstract paintings that look alike the big galaxies, stars and other objects came up to me. Furthermore I have to mention my interest in human beings and spirituality. In the sense of vast deepness and energy, I feel that in us lies something that can be compared and is connected with the outside world and the Universe. I worked on cycle paintings that are showing the connection between the inner energy in the human and outer, great distances and energies.

2017 - Award for Photography - Kingdom of Netherlands
2011 – Award “Golden Brush” for miniature on the exhibition ,,Miniature’’ of the Society of Visual Artists of Macedonia
2011 – Award for watercolour from Municipality of Karposh on the open competition for watercolor painting
2006 – Award “Lazar Licenoski” for special results shown in art and design area


2006 - 2010 University Ss Cyril and Methodius- Skopje
Faculty of Fine Arts
Study program (department): Painting
Module (direction): Conservation and restoration
2002 - 2006 State High School for Arts ,,Lazar Licenoski"
Department: Painting


2017 - Artist Symposium - Struga
2014 - Participation in Artist Symposium “Papradiski Majstori”, Veles
2014 – Participation in Artist Symposium “Skopje 2014”, Skopje
2013 – Participation in Artist Symposium “Papradiski Majstori”, Veles
2012 – Participation on the art happening in Leptokarija within the program of Karposh Cultural Summer, Skopje
2012 – Participation in Artist Symposium “Papradiski majstori”, Veles
2012 – Participation in Watercolor Symposium, Ohrid
2011 – Participation in Art Happening in Leptokarija within the program of Karposh Cultural Summer
2011 – Participation on Humanitarian art happening – Cafe Gallery 8, Skopje


Solo exhibitions:
2016 - Urban Night Scenes - Strumica
2015 – “Luna” – Schloss Almoshof, Nuremberg, Germany
2014 – KIC (Cultural Informative Center), Skopje
2013 – Tutunska Banka, Skopje
2012 – “Jazz” – City Hall, Skopje
2012 – “Jazz” – Cinematheque of Macedonia, Skopje
2012 – “Identity” – National Ohrid Museum, Robevci House, Ohrid
2011 – “Naked” – Dom na ARM, Skopje
2011 – “ YIN, yang‘‘ – Cafe Gallery 8, Skopje
2011 – Exhibition in the Macedonian Embassy, Vienna, Austria
2011 – Exhibition in Art Room, Merikon, Vienna, Austria
2011 – “Portraits” – MKC (Youth Cultural Center), Skopje
Group exhibitions:
2014 – “EX Libris” – Open Graphic Studio (Museum of the City of Skopje), Skopje
2013 - “Annual Exhibition of DLUM (Society of Visual Artists of Macedonia)” – Museum of the City of Skopje, Skopje
2012 – “Small format” – KIC (Cultural Informative Center), Skopje
2012 – “Miniature” - Cafe Gallery 8, Skopje
2012 – “One year anniversary” – Art Room Merikon, Vienna, Austria
2012 – “Winter Salon – Sex-Pression” – Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje
2011 - “Annual Exhibition of DLUM (Society of Visual Artists of Macedonia)” – Museum of the City of Skopje, Skopje
2011 - “Small format” – KIC (Cultural Informative Center), Skopje
2011 - “Miniature” - Cafe Gallery 8, Skopje
2011 – “Experimental drawing” - Dom na ARM, Skopje
2011 – “Erotica on Street Macedonia” – Gallery Oko, Skopje
2009 - “Biennale of small graphic arts”, Tetovo
2009 - “Group exibition of students of the Faculty of fine arts”, Istanbul
2008 –“Group humanitarian exibition" - Mala Stanica, Skopje