Gromyko Semper

Gromyko Semper

Cabanatuan City

About Gromyko Semper

Gromyko documents the experience of the human entity, his works ironies, metaphors, and paradoxes. He summons within us the sleeping child, the questioning, un-conditioned - yet long dormant - desire to know, to doubt. Through his pieces we sail through the realisation of evil, hypocrisy, and perversion in order to change it for good. He believes that a visionary approach to art, as dali would have put into words,"a combination of mysticism and nuclear physics(science), is the only hope we have to look forward in art.

As to his own works, Gromyko emulates a sense of the visionary and, even though he stands on the shoulders of artists from the past as sources of inspiration, he pushes the limits of past discoveries towards the future through his pallet and brush. He is at the frontline of those that seek to propel the future of art as a future heading towards a self-cognizant, neo-renaissance spectacle and this duty Gromyko feels he must undertake to periscopically see through time...with mysticism and psychology along with metaphysics...and discover the extent of the gift from God....

Gromykos Dream is one of passion and meticulosity, an artistic revolution, a discovery of truth:

The revolution of the mind involves not only the mind but also everything in this concrete materiality...hand in hand, brother to brother, a utopian vision it may seem, but by showing the ugliness of lies and the bitter truth, in religion, in everything, I see that there is still hope...the artist must learn to navigate and show this movement towards the future in his art...that dream, even if I myself in absolute self cannot achieve, the glory of pursuing such is worth the price Im paying and worth the sweat Im excreting...

visionary surrealist, born Gromyko Padilla Semper, January 13, 1985...

Favourite artist: Dali,Beksinski ,Matta, De Chirico, Picasso,Rembrandt, millet, Ernst,Ralph Steadman, Velasquez,rothko, goya, durer
Favourite poet or writer: Anne Rice, Jose Rizal, Edmund Dantes, andre Breton, Stephen King, Blaise Pascal
Favourite photographer: Helmut Newton
Favourite style or digital art: Surreal,abstract Expressionism, Post impressionism, Picassoesque

Personal Quote: Emptiness Are Made To Be filled!!!!

Tools of the Trade: My cheap ballpen, Pencil, Watercolor,Acrylic and Mixed Media