Hosni Radwan

Hosni Radwan

Ramallah, Westbank, Palestinian Territory

About Hosni Radwan

Born in 1955, studied at fine art college baghdad 1978, Details of the scenes have played a major role in his artistic experience, inspiring his work that has spanned over 25 years of ongoing production. He mixes acrylics with sand, wood and paper and other visible and tangible objects, creating a kind of mounds that surround his works and their special, abstract world. Radwan works at several levels using a mixture of acrylics and sand to open before us a mobile and dismantled world that resembles a sustainable space with all of its different components, reactions and subjective chaos. In the works in which he utilises ink and watercolours on paper, he generates a strong feeling of music and sophism, giving a kind of soul to the paper.


1973-78 BA, collage of fine arts, Baghdad


1980 Ten Palestinian Artists Exhibition, Belgium.
1981 Palestinian Art Exhibition, moscow.
1984 Cairo Biennial,Cairo.
1985 Arab Modern Art Exhibition/ Live Art Center,Tunis.
1986-89 JAALA Committee Exhibition, Tokyo.
1996 Jakarta Biennial, Jakarta.
1997 Al-Sharja Biennial, Al-Sharja.
1997 Mediterranean Exhibition for Arts,Tunis.
2000 Modern Art Exhibition(Palestine Key to Culture & Peace) Forties Michelangelo,Italy.
2001 Days of Palestinian Culture Exhibition, Canada.
2001 Palestinian Art Exhibition, United Nation- Newyork.
2001 Cactus Exhibition, Bissan gallery,Qattar


1983, Attasswer Gallery, Tunis.
1984, Hall of Municipality,sfax.
1985,Space Gallery, Tokyo.
1991,Epocallipso Gallery, Nicosia
1996, M.Siyyam Hall,Ministry of Culture, Ramallah.
1998 AlMattal gallery, Ramallah
1999 Alwasiti Art Center, Jerusalem.
2000 Sakakini cultural Center,Ramallah.
2001 Al-Orphali Riwaq, Baghdad 2002 Sakakini cultural Center,Ramallah.
2003 Sakakini cultural Center,Ramallah.
2005 Sakakini cultural Center,Ramallah.
2008 National Council Gallery, Kuwait