Cachan, Ile-de-France, France

About Igor B GLIK

French painter-photographer, originally from Russia, graduated from Moscow Fine Art School, has been living and working in Paris since 1986. The camera was always his working tool, whereas photos were some kind of sketchbook. Photography has recently become his second profession. Light, rhythm, atmosphere are essential as in his painting as on his photographic images. The main photographic topics of this artist are women beauties, portraits, nudes, and still life, which are carefully arranged and posed. His imagination demolishes temporal reality – time is irrelevant on his images.

My subjects are often inspired with mythological theme that are in a way chosen constrains to lead viewers to accomplish a certain visual parkour or journey. What originally inspired me to create each painting concerns only me as an artist. Viewers’ interpretation concerns only them.


Born in 1953 in Moscow where he studied at Fine Art school. Escaped from the Soviet Union in 1980. After having lived in Italy and Canada, he permanently settled in France in 1987.


Exhibits regularly in art galleries in France, Italy and Netherland.

Has many personal exhibitions.

Won a lot of awards, three of which the distinguished prizes of Fine Art Academy.

The paintings and photos are in private collections in the following countries: France, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, England, the USA, Canada, China and Russia



1982 : GaIerie MAGIE DE L'ART, Montreal, Canada

1994 : CENTRE D ART de la ville de Montreal, Canada

1906 : Galerie John DANIEL, Montreal, Canada


1980 : GALERIE DES PLATANES, Genève, Switzerland

1994 : Galerie des TROIS MAILLETZ, Paris, France

1997 : Galerie FRANCIS BARLIER, Paris, France

2000 : Galerie VISCONTI, Paris, France

2001 : Avec ANSO - Galerie DE TwEE PAUWEN, Den Haag, Netherlands

2002 : Avec ANSO - Galerie VISCONTI, Paris, France

2002 : Avec ANSO - Galerie FORNI, Bologna, Italia

2006 : Exposition rétrospective 1995-2005, PANORAMA MUZEUM Badfrankenhausen Germany

2008 : Galerie FORNI, Bologna, Italia

2009 : Galerie DE TWEE PAUWEN, Den Haag, Netherlands

2009 : Galerie FRANCIS BARLIER, Paris, France

2011 : Galerie L’ART DU TEMPS, Drome provençale, France

2012 : Galerie FRANCIS BARLIER, Paris, France

2014 : Fond d'Art LOUIS MATZO, Paris, France

2017 : Galerie AD SOLEM, Paris, France