Iris Lavy

Iris Lavy

Brooklyn, NY, United States

About Iris Lavy

Having a strong passion for the arts, Iris practiced different artistic disciplines from childhood, including visual art, drama, music and dance. She graduated with a diploma in music, jazz piano, composition and arrangement and in 1994, after moving to New York she enrolled in full time studies of art - painting and drawing, at the Art Students League in New York City.
Iris has shown her art in solo and group exhibitions in galleries, museum, art shows and art fairs around New York City. She won awards including her painting 'Submerged' - a portrait of Bill Evans was chosen as a station logo for Denver Jazz Public Radio station WKUVO for 2010. A video of her most recent solo show in 2015 at Gaia Gallery in Brooklyn, New York can be seen at this link:
Iris' art has been collected and sold to private collectors, interior designers and corporations, through galleries and directly from her studio, on and offline all around the world.
Today Iris lives in New York City, where she is continuously inspired by and exposed to the latest, cutting edge trends from many of the world's best galleries and museums, in a city that is the hub of the contemporary art world.
In my abstract work I explore new ways of reinventing my visual, internal landscape as it manifests through color, line, texture and design. I incorporate my practice of meditation and Tai-Chi into the creative process, by creating in a meditative state, quietening the verbal part of my mind. This state, to me, is a fertile ground for channeling inspiration from divine source, and practicing a mind-body-spirit union. In particular, when working at large scale paintings, the flow of life force energy (Qi or Chi), from the universe (Tao, or God), through the physical body, is carried out via dynamic brush strokes into the canvas, and through the visual field completing the cycle and returning to the mind and universe, for an ever ongoing flow. My intention is for the viewer to enter and share this experience through viewing and experiencing of the art.
Having a musical background helps me 'visualize' sound and paint as if playing a musical instrument, giving another dimension to the work and my process. The spiritual and emotional joy we find when listening to music that we love is the ultimate experience that I aim to create - through a glimpse or a continuous observation of my artwork.
I am an explorer and adventurer, striving to continuously evolve and change in my art practice. I wish to explore and express the creative pulse of the universe. I believe creativity and art of all kinds are the languages and expressions of love and life – and love is the core of our being.


1994-1995 The Art Students League, NYC.
1989-1992 Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, Ramat Hasharon, Israel


Opening Reception: December 7 2017 from 6 - 9 pm
Open Weekends 2 - 7 pm
December 2 - 30, 2017

Group Show

Gallery GAIA
79 Hudson Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11201


December 2017
Open Weekends 2 - 7 pm
December 2 - 30, 2017

Gallery GAIA
79 Hudson Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11201

2017 Open Studio
October 21-22, 12:00-6:00 PM
Flatbush Artist Studio Tour (FAST)

2016: "Journey" Solo exhibition
August 3rd - October 3rd
Irondale Theater Gallery

2015: "Disposition" Solo exhibition at Gallery Gaia in NYC, July 1st-30th, 2015

2016: BANG BANG! Artists against Guns Gallery GAIA
2015: Tin Cup group show at Gaia gallery
2015: Art from Detritus, group show at Viridian Gallery, Chelsea, NYC
2015: MoMA PS1 "Art Amnesty" group show NYC
2014: NYC Art Fair, group show
2013: Fountain Art Fair, New York, NY, With the Hullaballoo collective
2012: Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. Group show
2010: Rabbit Hole Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. Group show
2009: "Submerged (Bill Evans)" chosen as station logo for a year, on JAZZ89 KUVO Denver Public Radio
2007: Cafe on Court, Brooklyn, NY. Solo show
1995: Red Dot Award at Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, NY, NY. Group show at the Art Students League