Isil Gulecyuz

Isil Gulecyuz

Istanbul, Beyoglu, Turkey

About Isil Gulecyuz

Painting is an activity that I do only for myself, unlike to my roles as a mother, wife, child, sister, friend or any other role that I play voluntarily or involuntarily in this world...
I am inspired by the city where I live. I focus on its walls as they are endless, timeless material for me. I try to visualize all the colors and unique attractions of the city via the walls but at the same time, aim at becoming the chronicler of the city...
While street art contiunes to be one of my favorite subjects, I have started widening the topics such as daily lives and abondened belongings.
I have an experimental way of looking at art and in life in general.


Studied basic art principles for one year in Istasyon Art Academy in Istanbul in 1998...
Since then self-eduated in a workshop environment.
Learning is an ongoing concern.


Solo Exhibitions:
2016 – Uncelebrated Celebrities/ Pera Art Gallery
2013 – Look Up/Beyoglu Akademililer Art Center
2010 – Walls and Figures/ Bindallı Art House

Group Exhibitions:
Had attended tens of group exhibitions since 1999 both in Turkey and abroad.