Jasper DeMichael

Jasper DeMichael

Kerville, TX, United States

About Jasper DeMichael

David Jasper DeMichael is a multi-talented full time artist as of 2016 becoming known for expressing his beautiful artworks of emotionalism expressionism on Instagram.

He enjoys spending his free time improving his other skills in music/video creation, computers, general designing, photography, medical, psychiatry, writing, studying and more.

Born and raised in San Antonio, TX


Taking an art class in highschool was his only education. In 2016, when Instagram was becoming popular, David saw an opportunity to spread his talent across the world and began studying art full time.

He learns from other artists he loves most on Instagram such as Casey Baugh, Hester Van Doornum, Jeremy Mann, Luis Royo, and many others. He studies artwork and watches tutorials from the very best artists as he feels is the best way to learn everything there is this world has to offer.