Jin Hyok Hwang

Jin Hyok Hwang

Houston, TX, United States

About Jin Hyok Hwang

Jin Hwang was born in Korea 1975. He immigrated to the USA when he was 3 years old. At the age of 21 at Monterey Peninsula College in California was where the young Jin Hwang learned and studied photography form Henry Gilpin and Roger Fremier. In June 6, 1996 Jin was awarded the Steve Crouch Scholarship for his, "Enthusiasm and disciplined interest in photography.", as stated by Roger Fremier in his award letter to Jin Hwang.

Since then, Jin never forgot the lessons learned and continues his photography. It became natural to make the transition to digital photography and digital arts. The medium may have evolved, but the vision and creativity still remain the same for Jin. "I still use the Zone System today just as I did when Henry Gilpin taught it to me in class, but the dark room has changed.", explains Jin, "Now I play with light in a different way."

Today, Jin sees light through the monitor as he did in the dark room, stating, "Instead of capturing the light through the lens and reflecting the image to the viewer, you now are able to emit light directly to the viewer as you want weather captured, abstracted or conceptualized."

Please browse and enjoy my artworks. I created them for your viewing pleasure and to enhance the visual senses. I started with drawings then photography and skipped painting due to the digital medium. I now paint with light directly onto the monitor. My digital work captures, abstracts, and conceptualizes my imagination. From simple black and white to colors that run the gamut, let your mind's delight see with an open eye.


Jin Hwang