Konrad Biro

Konrad Biro

Miskolc, BAZ, Hungary

About Konrad Biro

He is experimenting pensive art,and it can be seen he knows well and studies the great predecessors’creations.His style is dinamic,,and coupled with tempera ment brushwork and special technical solutions.According to he creed the creation process is the same important as the end of it.One painting and creation has never been ready ,just ceased and left,he thinks it interestingly.
The visible world’s beauties,subconscious life connecting to his reading experiences little bit abstract,impressionist,surreal,vision that he is interested in,and this is clearly pesented as well.
He is very versatile in his topic choice,he is interested in almost everything the nature and the city life as well.He likes to paint and create series which are very popular.As Don Quijote series,chess series,just his women’s beauty creations presented.He likes to draw and paint at the same time,because he knows well,without drawing knowledge the great works cannot be painted and created.His art is not one –sided,it can be defined hard,but the artist would not like to be put in currently fashionable ism.
His paintings and creations reached through collectors to many countries of the world from Japan to US ,he and his creations are liked by the collectors in USA very much.


There are private students


Saatchi Art Catalog
Spring 2016, Vol. 2
Fall 2017 Vol.1.
2018.Kondor Béla Fine Arts Award.




Countless exhibitions in Hungary, Budapest, Miskolc, Komárom Fort Monostor ,Croatia,United Kingdom Southwel Minster Catedral