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LAUTIR -----

MILAN, mb, Italy

About LAUTIR -----

My art name is LAUTIR,I live and work in Milan,Italy.I was born in 1971.I have worked for years as a comic drawer,professional illustrator and painter.
Given the variety of my past experiences I have developed an eclectic painting style: I love using various painting techniques and apply them to a large genre of subjects.
From oil paintings to watercolor portraits,from abstract to figurative in order to be constantly inspired I pursue a creative freedom where I try to test myself towards different directions.
I like to experiment ,but as a painter watercolor is the technique I have developed the most.I usually paint directly on the wet paper without any preset colour scheme,freely following the flow of the colours themselves.It's a very intuitive and improvised process,almost as playing free jazz music,and it's for me a way for keeping my art fresh and spontaneous.
When using oil or acrylic colors I tend to be more expressionist and emotional generally by means of bold impasto brush strokes.
For convenience I have grouped my works within various thematic collections: I invite you to explore them.
The "FAMOUS PEOPLE PORTRAITS" collection contain paintings,both oil and watercolor,depicting world famous celebrities ,for the most part writers,musicians and historic characters .Through the years I have tried to develop a recognizable style in portraying the human face, looking for original solutions to combine the colors according to patterns of unusual tones.
The "BLACK and WHITE" collection includes works that draw their strength from an immediate graphic impact highlighted by an expressionist brushwork.
The "PEOPLE" collection gathers paintings portraying everyday people:boys,girls,men,women,faces,skulls or body figures, paintings in which the human figure is the center of attention.
The "ABSTRACT PAINTINGS" collection contains both abstract expressionist works directly improvised on the canvas and abstract-figurative paintings in which some sort of ineffable landscapes or figures seem to emerge from the abstract composition of the brush strokes.
The remaining collections are: "LANDSCAPES and ARCHITECTURES ","NATURE" which is about animals and plants, and "NUDES and EROTIC paintings".


- Scientific secondary School(1986-1990)
- Graduation in illustration-comics in MILAN (1990 -1993)
- Graduation in tattoo art in MILAN(2000)