lisa forman

lisa forman

Naples, FL, United States

About lisa forman

I have always been drawn to natural landscape. My black and white images show a resonance with mountains and seas that reflect my own deep awareness of the light that plays upon our earth.
I travel to a variety of countries to seek out the serenity and joy that this light brings me. I am currently motivated to capture landscape that is vanishing in so many places around our planet. My work in Greenland of the sadly retreating ice depicts a nuance in climate that is devastating for those who live there, and in many communities throughout the Arctic Region.
The warming Earth is causing meltwater to stream into oceans, changing the
temperature and salinity. Sea ice and permafrost is thawing, seawater is expanding
and causing floods, islands are disappearing and many people are in great danger.
The Inuits of Siberia, Alaska. Arctic Canada and Greenland who depend upon the
ice for transportation and live on a diet of marine mammals will disappear.
I feel the need to record this drastic change in our Earth's landscape,
not only for the beauty of the Northern region, but for the extreme variance in the
ice each year.
In August 2012, I was privileged to photograph the beauty of the Polar Light, the Arctic Ocean and the waning of the Ilulissat icebergs.
I have selected a group of images made from 2 1/4 gelatin silver negatives.
They have been toned in the printing process. The exhibition size is 30"X30".
Portfolio prints are available in 9"x9".

My recent work at the Scranton Lace Factory was a new chapter for me in photographing urban archeology. I was fascinated by every room I entered in this enormous structure, closed for the past 20 years. In it's heyday, there were 1400 employees, all struggling to make a living and feed their families. I hope you can get a sense of this historical wonder from these images.
Thank you for your interest!


School of Visual Arts, NYC
SUNY Purchase, NY


2002 Focus on the Figure Hopper House Art Center Nyack, NY
2002 13th Annual New Jersey Small Works Show Old Church Cultural Center, Demarest, NJ
2005 Solo Exhibition Freelance Cafe Piermont, NY
2006 Solo Exhibition, Freelance Cafe Piermont, NY
2006 Bunbury’s Art Gallery Piermont, NY
2007 Solo Exhibition at the Nyack Art Walk Nyack ,NY
2007 Solo Exhibition Freelance Cafe, Piermont, NY
2008 Group Show Piermont Library
2008 Hopper House Biennial Juried Photography Show, Nyack, NY
2009 Garnerville Arts Center, 59X59 Group show, Garnerville, NY
2009 Group Show Hudson River Outside IN Piermont, NY
2009 Piermont Library group show
2009 Small Works Show, Michael Zakin Gallery, Demarest, NJ
2010 Hopper House Small Works Juried Show Nyack, NY
Recipient of the PDN and National Geographic traveler 2010 World in Focus award for "Sense of Place".
2011 Solo Exhibition Freelance Café, Piermont, NY
2017 AFA Gallery exhibition, Scranton, PA


2017, March Exhibition AFA Gallery, Scranton, PA