Laura Beatrice Gerlini

Laura Beatrice Gerlini

Osnago (Lecco), Italy

About Laura Beatrice Gerlini

Sensitive artist with a great temperament, she attended art classes both in Italy and abroad. Her colors are soft and the atmosphere in her paintings blurred.
She has participated in many group exhibitions of national importance including the Prize "Carlo dalla Zorza, "Movimento delle Segrete di Bocca" in Milan, "Sinergie artistiche" at Synergy Art Studio in Rome, "Mentelibera" and "MusicART" at Gallery in Hesperia Rome, "Solo Donne", "La seduzione del male" and "XXL large format" at the Art Gallery Saman - Rome, "Art rock, the rock legends" and "Women in the Renaissance" at the Passepartout Unconventional Gallery of Milan. Solo exhibitions at Palazzo Prinetti - Merate and Associazione Viacavoursettantasei Vimercate. She participated in the Art Award City of Novara, where the work "Light and Shadow" was among the finalists, and the Biennale di Brescia 2013.
"In painting I follow instinct, driven in turn by calm, excitement, joy, anger. I' m convinced that figurative art and informal art can complement, rather than confront.

My vision extends to the narrow path, in the art of painting that makes reality and imagination co-exist and harmonize together. My inspiration is often nature, a theme that in the act of painting I compose and decompose like working on a mosaic, while at the same time, I enhance the details that allow my emotions to emerge. When my emotions are able to surface I can then represent the aspect that mostly catch my attention, giving them new life. The aspects and details that stimulate my emotions are represented through strong and vibrant, or soft and undefined colors in a contrast that in my opinion is the meaning of life itself.

When I work on a portrait, I like to capture the essence of the character's personality prior to drawing his or her features. For this reason I always try to get to know as much as I can about the personality and the life of the person that I would like to portray".


2014 Solo Show "Lo sguardo" - Osnago

2014 Solo Show Artee20 Gallery - Merate

2015 Painting workshop “Il silenzio e la voce” - Lecco
Collective Show, M'ARTE, Milan
Collective Show, ARS MEA , Brescia


2016 Collective Show, MOSTRAMI e
Fondazione Bracco
"Recondite Armonie - L'arte della
Bellezza", Milan
Collective Show, SPAZIO E Zamenhof Art -
"Dramatis Personae"
17-20 march - Affordable Art Fair Milano, with
Gaudì Gallery, Madrid
25.06-10.97 Festival of Contemporary Arts:
"Della Pace e dell'Ambiente" : Peace and
Environment: Street Art, Performances, Theatre,
Butoh Theatre.
Murales "Peace". Just Peace can save the
Humanity. Peace is represented as a woman with
hair colored of peace flag colors and wearing a
rose crown with long thorns, symbolizing death
and pain coming from wars. Behind, the bombed
city of Aleppo, in Syria.

2017: 18-19/26-26 November: Solo exhibition "Open
Studio", in my Studio in Osnago (lecco).

2018: 23.06-08.07, La Voce del Corpo - Festival of
Contemporary Arts. I present two artworks
"Geisha" and "Kazuo Ohno, you are happy
because you are free". I am also the Curator for
the Painting section of the Festival.

Curator and Social Media Manager for, an online italian
gallery (Photography and illustration - nov.

LOUVRE a Paris, with PassepARTout
Unconventional Gallery, Milan

1 Prize at Gran Premio dell'Arte, Passepartout
Unconventional Gallery, Milan with Visual Art
artworks "Girls in Tokyo"
2020 Art Fair Innsbruck
International Prize 100 modi di dire Modigliani,
with PassepARTout
Unconventional Gallery, Milan, with "Fernande
Barrey" digital painting, and the video
"Amedeo Modigliani and Fernande Barrey"