Liz London

Liz London

Dallas, TX, United States

About Liz London

Liz London/ A Vision Quest

The art I create comes from an inner world I discovered through meditation that contains its own place of beauty; space of energy and simultaneously providing a lens to a fleeting place called "˜peace of mind.' These are my innermost visions.

The meanings of many of my pieces are satirical, fun and double entendre's meant to be laughed at with irony.

My artistic style is self taught, intuitive based, beyond intellect; day to day feelings- like a flow or peak experience using found objects, old materials and recycling. I have been working full time with my talents full time for nine years.

The process I use involves layers of antique photographs or my own, more layers of paint, then glued, collage and re-layered and finished with oils or pastels or more paints and lacquer or beeswax depending on the finish I desire. I invented it and call it Plastilaque.

Some of my art pieces may have twenty layers of media or more.

Originally raised in Oklahoma, I have lived all over the United States. I have exhibited in New York City, Oklahoma, Florida, California, Texas and Arizona.

My most recent major show was The Robert Rauschenberg Tribute Exhibition held in his home town Port Arthur, TX, juried by Susan Davidson of the NYC Guggenheim Museum.